Do you believe everything you see on Zillow?

Zillow has become a popular resource for consumers when looking for a home, looking for city data, and other pieces of information in the real estate realm. While the easy to use interface and cool app has made many consumers flock to it, Zillow has some shady tactics when it comes to the data you are viewing.

When you as a consumer view a listing it creates a box that says “contact listing agent” with a window that would make you believe that the realtor listed there is indeed the listing agent. However this agent popping up is not the listing agent, it is an agent in the area that paid Zillow for leads in the zip code of the home you are viewing. Don’t forget that Zillow makes all of its profits from advertising, not from giving accurate information. Zillow users tend to see the partial populated box with their email next to the advertised agent and click the bright blue contact button. This is much more intuitive to do rather than phone the listing agent manually, or clicking the name to find the true listing agent. In this first example the agent listed isn’t the listing agent at all, you need to click through in order to find the trust listing agent:


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In this example the listing agent (Us! Joy Carter and Jeff Booker) is at least listed, but if you notice the second agent is checked off and that is who your message will be sent to when the contact info is filled in.

Zillow can be a useful tool for realtors and consumers alike, but be weary when using it, dig a little deeper rather than just accepting the first information that pops up!

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