How to Prepare for an Open House

When preparing for an open house think about how most potential buyers want to imagine their own personal items in the home not yours. How can you accomplish this model home feel? A first step would be removing all trinkets and extra items from countertops and end tables. Anything that is not necessary to keep in view, remove it. De-cluttering is key to making the home look appealing to buyers.

After you have cleaned up and packed away some items you should do a walk through of your home as if you were a potential buyer. If you have a front door that people will be entering through, but you normally come in the side door by the garage, make sure you walk through the front door. Is there landscaping blocking the door you hadn’t noticed? Are there jackets and shoes piled up near the doorway? Does the front door stick when opening? The entrance is important as it gives guests the first impression on the home and you want it to be a positive one. Fix any minor issues that you can. Small repairs left unattended to can cost you big bucks off a buyer’s offer. Hosting an open house can feel stressful, but a few small adjustments can help you get the most out of your open house!

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