Quick and Easy Bedroom Remodeling

The average person will spend about 229,961 hours sleeping in their beds in their lifetime, that’s about 25 years! Shouldn’t the place you spend this much time in your home be in the best condition possible? There are plenty of ways to remodel your bedroom without breaking down any walls! Here are some quick tips to rejuvenate your sleeping space:

  • First step in giving any room a new look is organizing and purging. Take a garbage bag (or three!) and throw any clothing and items in there that haven’t been touched in decades and have been just adding to the clutter of the room.
  • Bedding. Something as simple as a new set of sheets can not only add freshness to the room, but a splash of needed color! Your sheets and comforter set the tone for the whole bedroom. Pick a color that soothes you and a style that suits you.
  • The walls. The color of the walls should match the bedding to create a togetherness feeling of the room. Painting a room can be one of the most cost efficient ways to change the whole feel of a room (and can be a lot of fun!).
  • Lighting is also key. Is your room too dark? Add some heavier curtains to block out that sunlight. Too light? You don’t want to be straining your eyes to read a book in bed. Find some decorative lamps that will brighten up those dark corners of the room. A helpful addition to a bedroom can be having a dimmer installed. While this can be a little more of a project it is usually worth it in the long run to be able to adjust the lighting to your eyes need at anytime.

Have you made any updates to your bedroom lately? With the right tools and ideas you can improve your home today!



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