It’s Not Just Youngin’s in These Parts!

In a city that is geared towards young families, you might find it hard to imagine a focus group that is geared towards the senior adult community (that I fortunately qualified for).

Coral Springs Aquatic Center

Coral Springs Aquatic Center

The city of Coral Springs in my opinion is proactive towards its residents needs. At the focus group that meet at the city Tennis facility we discussed all types of activities. Not just games, but intellectual simulation in healthcare, reading and travel. Technology or language training as well.

Also discussed activities in the city and outside the city. It was an enjoyable experience that I was fortunate to participate in.

Transportation will always be a (wait for the pun – Roadblock) and as I stated previously, where there is a desire, the residents typically rally to make their living in Coral Springs experience that much better.

Tennis Courts in Coral Springs

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