Truth for Sellers


Many properties that are encumbered with a mortgage are still underwater. Whether you are one of these sellers or if you have the good fortune to not be under water, here is a short list of advice for sellers to suceed in selling their properties:
• Prepare your home for an inspection. Make it as presentable as possible. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes? Do you honestly think they’d put out money for a property that looks uncared for? So scrub, paint, plant flowers, and pressure wash your driveway. A little elbow grease won’t put a huge dent in your wallet and in the end it can result into a home that begs to be bought.
• Be flexible. Be prepared to negotiate and discuss putting in extras like paid property taxes, closing costs, etc. Listen to your agent and pay attention to the things that might give a prospective buyer uncertainty.
• Be alert. Don’t fall victim to fraudulent people who offer home sellers deals that might seem sincere at first. Some agencies offer fraudulent loans, fee-based services in navigating housing assistance programs and many more. If you are unsure, it’s best to have an attorney or an advisor take a look at these documents.
• Sellers tend to wait for a better offer because Buyer activity is so much stronger now. The truth is sellers who keep their arms crossed in rejection, often will sell the property months later causing them to end up having to settle for 90 percent of their asking price. So, right from the get-go price the property properly to get your best offer. Ask your real estate agent for a list of sales prices versus original listing prices to have a better pricing idea.
The Great Florida Homes Teams years of experience with hundreds of homes sold can help guide you through the compicated process of selling your home.

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