2017 Client Testimonials

Don’t hire your best buddy, your relative or neighbor. This is a business agreement for someone to do the best job on your transaction for the most important and expensive transaction you will have. That’s why I hired Joy Carter and Jeff Booker to list my home and find a new one for my husband and I. Not only did they have the years of experience and knowledge, they had the level of maturity that comes with dealing with extremely stressful situations which arose when my buyer’s mortgage company caused delay after delay. They stayed on top of the situation when the buyer’s own agent fell to the wayside. They knew who to call to get things done and my buyer trusted them more than his own agent. This was an unconventional situation that was handled by pros. Glad I made the right choice.

Sharon & Adam Baron

Sold 4/28/17 & Purchased 4/28/17


Joy is amazing to work with.  She is not only dedicated but her willingness to spend hours and hours to find the perfect home is what sets her apart from the normal agent.  I would highly recommend Joy and the Keller Williams team!

Bettina Smoot…..Purchased 5 Properties between 2013-2016



Joy and her Team did a great job selling the family home long distance. She is a true pro: knowledgeable, fast, efficient, organized, and confident in her work. She had kept in touch with my parents for over 20 years after originally selling the home to them. We highly recommend Joy and her Team.

Ann Westerheim


2016 Client Testimonials

What an amazing team to work with. They were very knowledgeable of and dedicated to my process. Very personalized, professional service. Calls were responded to in a very timely manner. Their communication on issues with the seller was excellent. This team definitely made me feel at ease and took alot of stress out of busing my home. I felt like their only client. I would 100% recommend using them for all real estate needs.

Susan Bonnick



There aren’t words in the dictionary to describe the incredible job Tara Carter and Sophia Allen did for me. Awesome team from day one. I not only will recommend them to potential clients but I will canvas for them. I am so grateful for their advise and recommendations which made the whole process a lot less stressful for me. Great job girls! You made your adopted Mama proud 🙂 Now let’s get that party started in the Penthouse with a lake view!

Donna Hill


Very professional and helpful! Highly recommended! My agent Tara Carter did a wonderful job for helping me find a place. It took much longer than I had expected and she was just patient. She is always positive when sometimes it was inevitable for me to get frustrated. She also helped me find a lender which is wonderful. I have a place to live and enjoy right now. But I would probably still have no clue about what I should do without her help. Again, highly recommended!

Yueting Wan


2015 Client Testimonials

We have used Jeff Booker before and he is excellent. I would highly recommend him for selling or buying. He was gracious to clients as he spoke to them as well, very informative. Jeff knows his business. He even caught an error what the buyer had done on documents. He works for you not against you.
Deborah Herdus     4/9/15

JEFF IS THE BEST REALTOR EVER!! Surely had our best interests in mind at every turn! Honest, Knowledgeable, Personable. Always kept in touch through entire process……..so happy to have found him and our little piece of paradise! Thank you Jeff!!

Rocky & Carolyn Musico   3/25/15


Professionalism in all phases – from staging, pricing, advertising and communication….fast results!

Elaine Chenowith  1/30/15


2014 Client Testimonials

Joy helped us purchase our new home, as well as sell our existing home. We were overwhelmed at first, but Joy made the process easy. She helped us every step of the way, was always quick to return calls and emails, and was always patient and let us proceed at our pace. Joy is a true professional. Both transactions went smoothly and we are very happy in our new home!

Julie & Amir W. 4/08/14


Ms. Joy Carter is a fantastic Realtor, who guided my husband and I in buying our first home together. She guided us through this complicated process with such care and professionalism. Joy was able to work with our busy schedule, emailed us with online listings and took us to see several homes that fit our budget. She asked all the right questions, including plenty of things we wouldn’t have thought to ask. Joy was patient and even offered non biased advice and showed us she really cared. She was meticulous and fought for our needs during the time period of making an offer and closing on our home.

Joy Carter made sure we well followed up with our paperwork, returned all our phone calls, and emails the same day. She gave us recommendations for a mortgage broker, title company, insurance agents, handymen, painters, landscapers, alarm company, and even a pool company.

In short, if you’re buying your first home, you can’t go wrong with Ms. Joy Carter. Joy treated us with care, respect, and very good customer service. We love our new home and we have her to thank!

We’d use her again in a heartbeat!

Thank you.

Tina & Tony Milian 3/18/14


Joy and Jeff,

You bring respect to your profession. We felt very comfortable and felt we were in good hands throughout the process. We communicated remotely, as we were living in a different country at the time of our purchase. We trusted you 100%.

Anil & Kay Mewara 2/28/14


2013 Client Testimonials

Joy really understood our needs through her perceptiveness, experience and professionalism. She is efficient, with great follow through, always makes herself available and is a great advocate for her clients. Joy valued our time, she was proactive in meeting our needs, quick response and follow up, thorough, knowledgeable, very

Anne & Gary Solomons 10/18/13 & 6/13/07


We trust you implicitly… most important!


This was our first experience with Realtors and as long as we are in Florida, it will be our last… Joy and Jeff are OUR Realtors! We had their guidance from soup to nuts and they were very thorough.

Mark & Nora Swanson 8/23/13 & 2/22/05


Appreciated the integrity of the wider network of professionals who were part of your world. The efficiency, clarity and promptness of communication was most valuable.

Ron Tabor 6/10/13


2012 Client Testimonials

Joy was great! She sold my house in only 2 weeks.  Professional brochures and great follow up.  She gave me advice on how to fix my house, for maximum selling price. Joy is not a time waster and helped me set a realistic, selling price.  I also appreciated her honesty during my home purchase.  Her frankness and tell it as it is approach is refreshing.  Joy was phenomenal.  She is the subject matter expert on the City of Coral Springs.  Calls and E-mails were responded to immediately.

Nadine Gregoire-Jackson – June 29, 2012 , August 14, 2012

Thanks Joy for all of your help ! As usual, you delivered the goods. We really appreciate your assistance and the professionalism of your team ! We will certainly keep in touch .

Best Regards,

Richard Clare 7/13/12 & 5/9/07


There is just one word to describe Jeff and Joy and that is Relentless… My wife and I have been looking for a good for more than 2 years. We went through just about every Realtor in Broward County. We were just about to give up when I responded to an ad on Zillow. When we met Jeff at the first home I immediately knew that we were going to find a home. It was tough at first, we had our mind set on location and we didn’t give up. Jeff and Joy had by far the freshest properties and they were ALWAYS available to show. This brother and sister team is number one in my book. Don’t call them if you’re not serious about buying because they WILL find you a home. Thank you! so much Jeff and Joy. We Closed on Feb 29th!!

Stevey & Mindy Bagdanovich – February 29, 2012


2011 Client Testimonials

Joy Carter and Jeff Booker are always professional. Their advice is based on their extensive knowledge of the local market and the economic situation. Their suggestions on how to improve the desirability of the property I sold were completely on target. They were always prompt with their updates and I got timely reports on how many showings and how much advertising of the property there was. I have listed 2 properties with Joy Carter in the past and I am going to list with her in the future to sell my current property.

Sally Paolantonio – April 21, 2011


Dear Joy & Jeff,

It’s hard for us to put into words how appreciative we are of the two of you.  When we started working with Joy, little did we know of the long journey we would allntake, when we finally closed on a condo.  The two of you were there for us through the numerous viewings, offers, rejections by sellers and the hurt we experienced throughout the processes.  Through all of this, you did not waver in your commitment to see us get our new home.  You worked with us from mornings to late evening, days, weekends, through Addendums, extensions, etc.

No one could expect the level of devotion and commitment you provided.  No wonder you two are the best in the business!

We thank you with all our hearts.

Jessica & Neil Rothman – March 24, 2011

My entire transaction was handled with total professionalism.  Nothing was lacking.

Thank you, again.

Attorney Arnold Levine – June 30, 2011


2010 Client Testimonials

Joy, thank you and Jeff for all you did to help us.  From contractors to cats, you did so much.  I don’t believe the house would be sold if we were working with any other realtors.  You sold our house, at a decent price, in a horrible market.

You’re the best!!

Chris Heflin – October 27, 2010


Your Team strived to be the best.  I didn’t find you through fancy advertisement…I found you through word of mouth.  Priceless!!!  Thank you all soooo much.  We are very happy.

Yalonda Jackson – June 23, 2010

We were very satisfied with Joy & Jeff’s services.  Jeff was by far more 
knowledgeable about the current, selling climate and looked out for our interests.

We always felt comfortable calling him, any time we had questions.  That was really important to us.

B. & A. Candee – June 24, 2010


2009 Client Testimonials

Joy & Jeff,
You understood our needs….were always available…answered and returned our calls. Our experience working with you was far superior then other Realtors we dealt with in the past.

Barbara Finizio – October 30, 2009

We worked primarily with Jeff, since our search centered around Palm Beach County.

Jeff is not only a knowledgeable real estate professional, but he provided much information that was extremely helpful to us, especially, since we were not familiar with Florida’s specific real estate issues.  Jeff was very patient answering our questions, especially since we were buying from 1000 miles away.

Marcia & Robert Goroski – May 25, 2009

Jeff gave me sound advice on how to “stage” my home to make it look more appealing to potential buyers.  He also took the initiative to get an FHA loan agreement for my home to sell more readily.  Their feedback on showings was extremely valuable

Jeri Schooley – March 26, 2009


2008 Client Testimonials

Jeff,   It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.  I feel that You and The Team did an outstanding, excellent job on working with me and being patient with me, since this was my very first time buying a home. If there is ever a need for us, in the future, to need your assistance, again, you can bet 110% that you will be the only one on my list.  You were absolutely the best and you know your job and you get to know your clients well to service their needs.  You paid attention to my likes and needs.  There was nothing that I could honestly say that was not done or appreciated. You will come highly recommended from me to anyone looking for any home purchase needs whether buying or selling, renting, etc…

Sheila Shular – December 12, 2008

Joy and Jeff were honest and forthright in a difficult market.  They were extremely prompt in all matters.

Harold Halpern – September 30, 2008

Our experience with Joy and Jeff was above par!  They made it easy for us to 
complete a distant transaction, which can be tedious.  Their knowledge of the real estate market and the closing process was very valuable to us.

Ed Green – September 26, 2008


2007 Client Testimonials

Dear Joy and Jeff,

Words cannot adequately express my sincerest gratitude, to both of you, for being so resourceful, patient, and professional on my behalf.  If I had my own real estate business, I would hire the both of your immediately!  Much gratitude for all your efforts in trying to rent my home in Florida.

Lorraine Jerome, New York – April 24, 2007

Joy, Jeff and Julie are fantastic!  Joy was absolutely on target regarding the price point for our house.  Her advice was well thought out and helped move the process forward.  Jeff did a superb job of negotiating with the buyer.  He kept us in the loop at all times.  Julie was always available to help.  This is a terrific team of professionals.

Laurie and I can’t say enough good things about the fantastic job you and your team did to sell our house.  Your insight, constant updates, and honest opinions made this process proceed beautifully. Thanks again for your superb service.

Tom & Laurie Geismar – February 20, 2007

This is the fourth home I’ve purchased and this was the most professional experience of them all.  You anticipated and managed what needed to be coordinated.  (Very valuable to a single, woman, who works.)  I loved that you had full-service vendors for me to use – home inspector, roof repair, etc.

Becky Springer  – January 30, 2007


2006 Client Testimonials

This was my first purchase and everything went very smoothly.  I was informed about everything, as the transaction progressed.  Joy and Jeff were very sociable and easy to talk with.  Thank you, Joy and Jeff.

Effron Ellis – November 6, 2006

Your Team gave us very good updates (accurate comparisons of current listings and sales, also market trends) of our area during the listing process.  These updates helped us to determine what prices we should list our homes at, in order to sell them quicker.  You served and satisfied our real estate needs.

(Sold 7 homes through Joy & Jeff in 2006)

Alan & Judy Linsky – October 4, 2006

Joy, you did an outstanding job, especially since we were 3000 miles away.  We appreciate everything you did.  Also, we appreciate that you did so many things to help my MOM.  It’s still unbelievable how quick you sold her unit.  We’ll refer you  to all her neighbors.

Karen Pais, Daughter of Marilyn Lowitz – February 24, 2006


2005 Client Testimonials

You guys are the best!  You did it all!  You found the clients, worked out the deal, held the open houses, kept in great contact with me and truly helped to calm my nerves.  Thanks.

Jenny Washburn – September 21, 2005

Joy and her Team made all the other Realtors, with whom I have dealt with, seem like rank amateurs…Joy and her Team had excellent communications….The Best!!!  As close to perfection as you can get!

Anton Wilson – September 2, 2005

This was our first experience with Realtors and as long as we are in Florida, it will be our last….Joy and Jeff are OUR Realtors!  We had their guidance from soup to nuts and they were very thorough.

Mark & Nora Swanson – February 22, 2005


2004 Client Testimonials

We want to thank both of you for the amount of work, effort and probably lost sleep that went into both selling our old home and buying our new one. You both went beyond the call of duty. Thank you for guiding us through a rather nerve-wracking process.

Rabbi & Mrs. Gold – August 13, 2004

Jeff instills confidence that everything is perfectly under control. Jeff was wonderful…as a result, we listed our home, for sale, with him and his Team, after we purchased through them. They did a great job!

William & Audrey Gajus – June 30, 2004

Joy, thank you so much for everything….You guys are the best Realtors this side of the Mississippi. I, of course, will call YOU next time I need to buy or sell real estate.

Tony Shalash – April 26, 2004


2003 Client Testimonials

Joy and Jeff are the best realtors I have ever worked with….they were honest and fair and great communicators. (We sold and purchased four properties with their team.)

Mark Greene – September 5, 2003

Joy and Jeff, there are no words to convey our sincere appreciation for everything you have done for us. You truly made us feel like your only client, and we will be forever grateful. At the beginning of our search for the “perfect house” several months ago, we had no idea how complicated things would become. We did know, however, that we wanted a skilled and reputable realtor to lead the way…Thankfully, we had the foresight to choose you! You patiently played the go-between in contract negotiations, repair agreements, etc…..You handled every, last detail. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If we ever move again, you will be our first call.

Mindy & Jonathon Appel – August 25, 2003

Joy and Jeff took the bull by the horns and made it happen. Our house sold and closed in record time and we never had to step foot in town to do anything. (We live in IL)   Joy and Jeff ensured that our house in Coral Springs was packed, moved and ready for the buyers to move in. Joy and Jeff did it all and we thank you very much.

Harry & Donna Coaxum – January 24, 2003


2002 Client Testimonials

 Joy Carter was excellent and the most knowledgeable on the Coral Springs to Weston areas. She was easy to contact and responded to all our needs, even during unscheduled times.

Anthony & Patricia Grant


Joy and Jeff,

Just wanted you to know that the NY state realtors, attorneys, and closing folks were so slow compared to you. It was like the complete opposite of what we experienced with you and your service levels. You set the bar very high with your product delivery.

Thank you.  🙂

Kim & Victor Ritze – June 27, 2002


Thank you, Jeff and Joy. You made the sale of our home painless and hassle free. We’ll be sure to send you referrals, when they come up.

Seng & Laura Sun – January 23, 2002


2001 Client Testimonials

Very professional, not pushy.  Provided the highest quality of service and caring. Jeff knew the area well and was there, even on short notice.

Patricia Ennis – December 31, 2001

Extreme patience in showing us many, many homes.

Charles & Irene Erichsen – July 2001

Very professional…we were treated like part of the family, as though we were your only clients.

Yesenia & Tom Palmieri – January 2001


2000 Client Testimonials

Returned calls or actually took them….live! Available and responsive.

Tim Cox & Brenda Johnston – September 2000

Don’t change a thing….you guys are great…you’re a real dream team! It’s great to know that there are still people out there who love what they do for a living and it shows!

Robert & Irene Thomason – March 2000

I liked the friendly, low stress atmosphere in the office and out house hunting.

Rebecca Karlsson – January 2000


1999 Client Testimonials

One of your best assets is your Administrative Assistant, Julie, who is always there, knowledgeable and pleasant. She kept your very busy office running smoothly.

The greatest comfort, Joy, was hearing from you….what was happening, whether it was good, bad or indifferent. We really appreciated the constant contact. Thanks to all of you for a job well done.

Teresa Eaton – August 1999

I was very impressed with your marketing skills – trying varied approaches to reach buyers.

Patti & Brad Goldfarb – September 1999

The seller of the home we purchased even made a comment on how professional Jeff was.

Jody Damiano – June 1999


1998 Client Testimonials

Your assistant, Julie, was very efficient, friendly and always got back to us.

R. Pacca – December 1998

As a team, you all work great together. It was a pleasure and a smooth process.

Thank you.

Francine Paris – 1998

Joy, Jeff and their staff were helpful, professional and reliable. It was a pleasure to deal with you. Thank you all for your hard work.

S & L Gray – July 1998


1997 Client Testimonials

Joy’s professionalism, concern and follow-up were key elements in the smooth relocation of my family. Joy was patient and helpful as she educated us on the South Florida real estate market. Your help and assistance went well beyond “normal and reasonable”.

J. Langley – September 1997