How many of the most wanted home features does your home have?

How many of the most wanted home features does your home have?

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Great Florida Homes

Everyone has their own list of their own wants and needs when looking for a home, but there are three features that show up most often on the home buyers most wanted list.

  • Storage Space: This can come in the form of a garage or closet space. Many homeowners aren’t looking for a 3 car garage for cars, but for storage usage. Any garage space or extra closets are a big bonus in a home.
  • “Green” Home: Energy efficient appliances, ceiling fans, and energy star rated homes have become more in demand. Not only because of environmental awareness, but primarily because of the cost savings. Saving on utility costs is high on many buyers lists when choosing a home. If you are looking to make home improvements before selling have an energy audit done to identify the best investment for your energy-improvement dollars. Especially in South Florida where a lot of air conditioning is used this can be very important!
  • Kitchen: The Kitchen has become the center of many homes. It is not only where people cook, but where they entertain. Open floor plans have become increasingly popular for this reason. Changing a floor plan however can be a big renovation, something as simple as painting the cabinets or updating lighting fixtures in the kitchen can make the home a lot more appealing to a potential buyer.

Does your housing wishlist include these items?