Leaving for Vacation? Keep your home safe!

Leaving for Vacation? Keep your home safe!

Posted on December 29, 2015 by Great Florida Homes

During the holidays lots of families travel and visit extended family and friends, which unfortunately means many homes are left empty and vulnerable to criminal activity. Here are some tips that will help keep your home safe while you are away this holiday season, and anytime you go on vacation!

  • Call your local post office to stop mail delivery until you get back. They can hold mail from three to 30 days. In many locations, you can even submit a stop mail request online. Just enter your address and stop and start dates. If you are gone for a few days, mail tends to pile up and anyone passing by the home can tell the house is empty! You can always ask a neighbor to check your mail and hold for you as well.
  • This may seem like an obvious option. but locking your home makes it less attractive to opportunistic burglars. Many people have that window they always leave open or the back door unlocked to let the dog in easily. Check all doors and windows before leaving. If you don’t make it easy, there’s a better chance that when you get home, your house will be in the same condition as when you left it.
  • Installing a home security system or even just exterior lights that run on timers is a good way to ramp up security. Installing a security system of some kind makes your house safer whether you’re around or not!

The City of Coral Springs Police Department also wants to reminds residents that unscrupulous criminals often drive around neighborhoods during and after the holidays looking for evidence of recently purchased gift items such as televisions, gaming systems, computers, etc. In an effort to prevent burglars from “casing” your home this holiday season, the City of Coral Springs will place a dumpster to collect “high end” holiday trash in the parking lot located between the City Gymnasium and Public Safety Building (2600 and 2800 Coral Springs Drive). You can discard your trash starting December 24th through January 1st (holiday gift trash only). If you still have that large TV box or gaming system box, put the trash in the dumpster, not in front of your home.

The GreatFloridaHomes team wishes you and your family a happy and safe New Year!