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Broward County to Replace Aging Police Radio System

Coral Springs and the surrounding communities in Broward county have approved the replacement of its aging police radio system. The current system has had some recent criticism for the static and sporadic outages that have been reported in the past. The cost of the new system totals at $59.5 million. Though replacing the system is expensive, the current system is more than 25 years old and is generally considered to be at the “end of its life”.  The new system which was approved Tuesday May 23rd won’t be ready to use until the end of the 2018 year.

A new system means improved communications within the county and will increase the capabilities of local law enforcement agencies to respond that much quicker and allow the first responders to be better updated with critical information. It will be focused and used by all public safety responders, police, and fire departments. This is just another way in which Coral Springs and the communities in Broward County are making this area a place where everyone will feel safe and everyone will want to live!