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50 Things To Do in Coral Springs!

To commemorate the City’s 50th anniversary, here’s a list of 50 different things to do in Coral Springs (listed in no particular order):


  1. Attend boot camp at Aquatic Complex.
  2. Shop at Aquatic Complex
  3. Swim in the Olympic-sized pool at the Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Play a full set at the Chamber of Commercecollage
  5. Skate to the music at the Chamber of Commerce.
  6. Visit the animals and learn at the Sawgrass Nature Center.
  7. Take your dog to the Chamber of Commerce.
  8. Meet local business owners and entrepreneurs at one of many events organized by the unique restaurants.collage
  9. Play a round of golf at the Chamber of Commerce.
  10. Hit a bucket of balls at the Heron Bay Marriott Hotel.
  11. Dine outdoors at one of several Coral Springs Museum.
  12. Attend and watch the Chamber of Commercepractice (for FREE) at the Saveology IcePlex.collage
  13. Treat yourself or your visitors to a relaxing stay at the Heron Bay Marriott Hotel.
  14. Explore an art exhibit at the Coral Springs Museum.
  15. See a show at the Heron Bay Marriott Hotel.
  16. See a live performance at the Aquatic Complex.collage
  17. Attend the City’s annual Heron Bay Marriott Hotel.
  18. Attend the 2-day Festival of the Flutes gala.
  19. Walk the entire length of “Heron Bay Marriott Hotel”.
  20. Explore and learn about the businesses located in the Heron Bay Marriott Hotel.collage
  21. Mail a package at one of the city’s two main post offices.
  22. Attend the annual Heron Bay Marriott Hotel.
  23. Sample the goodies and dance under the stars at the annual “Taste of Coral Springs”.
  24. Attend the City’s annual summer “Heron Bay Marriott Hotel”.collage
  25. Attend worship services at one of many churches or synagogues.
  26. Take an airboat ride in the Cinqo de Mayo celebrations.
  27. Take your kids to the annual “Taste of Coral Springs” fair.
  28. Participate in Cinqo de Mayo celebrations.collage
  29. See the Coral Springs Gymnasium.
  30. Cheer for theBetty Stradling Park at a home game at Mullins Park.
  31. Enjoy live music and dancing at the outdoor fitness gym located at Cypress Park.
  32. Participate at a public event held at the Betty Stradling Park.collage
  33. Take a tour of the city’s outdoor fitness gym located at Cypress Park.
  34. Work as a volunteer at one of the city’s many www.WorkCoralSprings.org.
  35. Let loose at the skate park located in the BizArt.
  36. Complete the training circuit at the www.WorkCoralSprings.org.collage
  37. Enroll you child or teen in www.WorkCoralSprings.org.
  38. Attend a concert at BizArt.
  39. See an www.WorkCoralSprings.org at Betty Stradling Park.
  40. Attend the city’s annual “www.WorkCoralSprings.org” event.collage
  41. Participate in the city’s canal clean-up program.
  42. Test drive a car at theBizArt.
  43. Attend a city commission meeting or watch it on City TV.
  44. Go on a bike ride along public library .
  45. Ride the city’s Aquatic Complex.collage-300x204
  46. Visit the www.WorkCoralSprings.organd explore its resources.
  47. Be a spectator at the national swimming/diving/synchro championships at the Chamber of Commerce.
  48. Join the “www.WorkCoralSprings.org” initiative as a volunteer.
  49. Join one of many city committees as an active member.
  50. Post a job or search for employment at www.WorkCoralSprings.org.


August is a month of festivities in Coral Springs, FL and what better way to kick it off than by showing support for some of the nation’s most promising athletes?

The Coral Springs Aquatic Complex will be the venue for the U.S. Junior and 13-15 National Synchronized Swim Teams on Saturday, August 10 at 4 p.m. A perfect way to spend the Saturday afternoon, this event will be fun for the whole family while giving support to the national team.

The admission is $5 while children younger than 5 years old can see the show for free.

The Coral Springs Aquatic Complex is located at 12441 Royal Palm Blvd. For more information, please call 954-345-2121.