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Curb Appeal: What Does a Buyer See?

Curb appeal of a home has always been important – it’s a potential buyer’s first impression of the house. The home’s exterior is a sneak peek of what’s to come in the rest of the house. Here are some tips to help your house get the attention it deserves.



While curb appeal for a drive by is still crucial, almost 90% of buyers will check your listing out online now before checking it out. This means your online photos of your listing can determine whether someone will even give it a chance to look at in person. Find the best time of day for lighting and take a lot of photos so you can choose the best one to post.


Clean the Lawn

The lawn should be mowed, leaves should be raked, and dead plants replaced. A lawn reflects the care that a homeowner has taken with the rest of their house, a potential buyer will think a messy lawn reflects a home that has been maintained.



A power wash can do wonders to your house siding and driveway. Most home improvement stores will rent power washers and it can make your home look fresh and clean.



Painting an entire home can be expensive and time consuming, but some touch ups on the trim and shutters can make a big difference. If the paint is peeling from the corners give it a touch up. A new mailbox or numbers on your home can be a nice finishing touch.


Prospective buyers form opinions about a home in seconds. Giving them a reason to have a positive attitude from the start will help make your home go from “for sale” to “sold”. Always ask your realtor for tips as well to make your curb appeal go up!

Curb Appeal

Are you getting a tax refund this year? We have discussed how to maximize your refund, now let’s put that refund back to work on your house! The average tax refund is between $2,500 to $3,000. Even if your refund wasn’t quite that much there are lots of ways to put that money to use in your home. It may not pay to redo the entire kitchen, but here are 5 things it will cover.

  • Add a back splash or paint a room! Fresh walls can transform any room in the house.
  • Swap out an old shower head. This may seem like a silly improvement, especially if your old shower head is still functioning, but swapping out old shower heads can reduce your home’s water-heating costs by about $150 a year!
  • Taken out a home equity loan for a home improvement project recently? Use this money to pay it down and save on interest!
  • Replace drafty windows.This will help your AC stay so your house stays cool, especially with the hot Florida summer right around the corner!
  • Organize your closet. Get new shelving or bins, find a system that keeps your clothing organized.

It may be tempting to use that refund money for a vacation or use small amounts of it here and there throughout the year, but your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in a lifetime – why not take care of it? Your home will thank you!


Tax refund at work! (2)

It is now December, which means 2015 is coming to a close! With the new year we all make resolutions to ourselves about what we want to accomplish. We all make goals for ourselves, such as lose weight or save money, but what resolutions are you making for your home? Here are some resolutions you may want to add to your 2016 list!

  • Decrease your bills! “Going Green” can seem like an overwhelming task to accomplish from solar panels to hybrid cars, but there are simpler things you can take care of in your home that will make your home greener and save you money in the process. Small steps such as switching off the lights when you leave a room, not running the laundry until it is full, and watering your yard a little less are all things that add up to making a difference.
  • Set a cleaning schedule. Having a set day when you clean the bathroom or the kitchen can hold yourself more accountable for keeping a tidy home. Don’t forget to enlist the help of your family on this one!
  • Take care of those small home improvements you have been putting off. A lot of home improvement issues, such as a drafty door, can be solved by dedicating some DIY time.
  • Make an extra mortgage payment! While an extra payment can be tough, The more payments you make in a shorter period of time, the less you end up paying in the long term. Making extra payments here and there can dramatically shorten the time till your mortgage is paid off.

Making a list of things to take care of in your home will motivate you to check them off! Whatever your resolutions may be, the Great Florida Homes Team is wishing you a happy and healthy new year in 2016!



Whether you are already a homeowner or you are contemplating taking the leap to home ownership, you know it is an exciting but big responsibility! A home is an investment and in order to keep your investment a positive one you need to maintain it. These tips can help you plan for those home improvements.

Prioritize Improvements

Cosmetic Improvements are always the most tempting to tackle first, because you see that peeling wallpaper or funky colored carpeting every day you look around your home. However it is important to consider the improvements that are likely to increase your home’s value, or decrease your expenses.A leaking roof or a dying water heater can cost you more in the long run if you don’t repair in a timely fashion.

Insure Your Home

You will obtain your homeowners insurance as a requirement of your mortgage loan, but it is always recommended to review your coverage occasionally to make sure you are protected where you should be!

DIY or Call in a Professional?

Sometimes you can save money by learning how to do minor repairs yourself. In those cases, take the time to fix those minor problems. When the repair is too much to handle a professional opinion is needed always ask friends and neighbors for references! This will help you find the right person for the job. Price is important, but having the repair done correctly should be important as well.
There is no magic formula to home ownership, but the Great Florida Homes team will provide as many tools as possible to help you be a happy and successful homeowner!



The average person will spend about 229,961 hours sleeping in their beds in their lifetime, that’s about 25 years! Shouldn’t the place you spend this much time in your home be in the best condition possible? There are plenty of ways to remodel your bedroom without breaking down any walls! Here are some quick tips to rejuvenate your sleeping space:

  • First step in giving any room a new look is organizing and purging. Take a garbage bag (or three!) and throw any clothing and items in there that haven’t been touched in decades and have been just adding to the clutter of the room.
  • Bedding. Something as simple as a new set of sheets can not only add freshness to the room, but a splash of needed color! Your sheets and comforter set the tone for the whole bedroom. Pick a color that soothes you and a style that suits you.
  • The walls. The color of the walls should match the bedding to create a togetherness feeling of the room. Painting a room can be one of the most cost efficient ways to change the whole feel of a room (and can be a lot of fun!).
  • Lighting is also key. Is your room too dark? Add some heavier curtains to block out that sunlight. Too light? You don’t want to be straining your eyes to read a book in bed. Find some decorative lamps that will brighten up those dark corners of the room. A helpful addition to a bedroom can be having a dimmer installed. While this can be a little more of a project it is usually worth it in the long run to be able to adjust the lighting to your eyes need at anytime.

Have you made any updates to your bedroom lately? With the right tools and ideas you can improve your home today!