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Fall in Florida

The first official day of Fall is September 23rd! While here in sunny South Florida it may not feel like fall weather is upon us, there are lots of fun ways to decorate your home to make it feel like Fall. Here are some easy DIY ideas to give your home some Fall flavor:

“Beach” Pumpkins

Instead of making your typical Halloween jack-o-lanterns, find some of your favorite sea shells at the beach and use them to decorate your pumpkins!

What do you need? A pumpkin, glue (Tip: super glue is most effective!), and sea shells


Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/1W4UdFp

Bowl of Oranges

A nice twist on your traditional cornucopia of fall items, fill a clear large vase up with Florida oranges! They add beautiful fall color and scent to your table.

What do you need? Oranges, vase, and if you want an additional fall touch some faux fall leaves can add to the centerpiece as well!



Pineapple Jack-O-Lanterm

Who says your jack-o-lantern needs to be a pumpkin? A fun tropical twist on the typical halloween jack-o-lantern, is to carve a pineapple instead!

What do you need? Pineapple, knife, and tea candle



Coral Springs has also put together a Fall Fun Guide for this season! You can check it out here to find lots of community events and programs to participate in: http://bit.ly/1KoEnx5 The GreatFloridaHomes team loves fun ideas of how to decorate your home, feel free to share your ideas in the comments!