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Home Decorating by Decade

1960’s – 2000’s

Home decorating is a crucial part of making your house feel like a home. These are the most popular decorating styles of each era.


The 60’s was all about COLOR and graphics. In the 60’s everyone wanted to make a statement, including putting together colors that were once considered a big “no” in the fashion and decorating world. Lava lamps, shag carpets, and posters weren’t just for college dorm rooms, they were acceptable home decor.


Image Source: theglamouroushousewife.com


Bright colors were still in during the 70’s, but modern appliances were introduced during this decade changing the appearance of the everyday kitchen. A larger kitchen became an important item on many house hunters lists. Other popular decor items included plastic molded furniture and “couching” designs that most people are happy faded out of style. Exposed brick and astroturf was also a common theme inside and outside of homes. Does anyone recall the Brady Bunch’s astroturf backyard? That was not just because it was a television set, that was a very stylish lawn!


Image Source: legallysociable.com


Mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors! Decorators in the 80’s loved to put mirrors everywhere to open up smaller spaces. Floral prints were also a popular wallpaper design. Every home had the overstuffed couches, glass tables, and mini blinds. The 1980’s were not well known for their decor sense, but leggings and neon outfits have made a bit of a comeback recently it’s tough to judge what trends will come back around.


Image Source: Huffingtonpost.com


Since the 80’s was a very loud period of time when it came to prints and colors, the 90’s wanted to tone it down. The 90’s was an interesting time because although many were all about getting back to the basics when it came to home decor, items such as inflatable furniture also became popular. The 90’s was a big transition decade from the 80’s to the 00’s; it didn’t know how it wanted to be defined. The 90’s was the dawn of technology. The world wide web was changing everything. Stereo equipment and home entertainment systems started to dominate homes and become a staple in most family rooms. Computers were displayed almost as if they were a piece of furniture in common areas, since they were still quite large not too long ago! Both images below, while VERY different in style, were both common styles in the 90’s.


Image Source: complex.com


The 2000’s brought on a sleek look in homes. It was becoming common to see granite counter tops, white kitchens, stainless steel appliances, subway tiles in the bathrooms, and open floor plans. Technology began changing so rapidly and people are always looking for the next big thing to keep up. Having “green” technology to save energy with washer/dryers and other appliances also began to rise.



Image Source: geappliances.com

Some styles died out for a reason, others can be brought back with a whole new flair! We hope this gives you some inspiration to revamp your own home and just an interesting look into different decors. Decorating your home can be a lot of work, but sometimes all you need is fresh ideas. Let the decorating begin!

At the end of the day, everyone wants to come home to a space which is warm, welcoming and comfortable. But instead of just providing privacy, homeowners have started to focus on homes with inviting entertainment areas, a place where both family and friends are always welcome.

Linda Rossi, marketing manager for Toll Brothers, a luxury home builder, says the home is no longer just for the person who lives there. “It’s where people create memories and share their lives with family and friends. The emphasis is now on making a home feel inviting and comfortable.”

So what exactly do most home buyers want?


Courtyards – both interior and front entry – are in high demand tight now. These courtyards mean the difference between a noisy city street and a calm environment even before entering one’s home. Adding in an outdoor fireplace, comfortable seating and even soothing water features would allow a touch of elegance giving a great first impression to guests.


But it’s not just the front of the home that would need attention. The backyard should also have outdoor entertainment areas and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a resort-style swimming pool. It could be as simple as a nice patio with comfortable seating and plenty of space for a barbecue or an outdoor kitchen with refrigerator, wine coolers, a sink and plenty of counter space.

But of course, even in a state like Florida, the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor entertainment every day of the year. Keep in mind that indoors, there are still plenty of ways a home owner can still impress and entertain.


Homes with game rooms and home theatres have started to become more popular these days. A game room could have billiard tables, perhaps a wet bar with a mini refrigerator and a children’s area. A home theatre could be as simple as comfortable chairs in front of a home entertainment system or elaborate with stadium-style seating, huge screens and state-of-the-art equipment.


Kitchens with stainless steel appliances are starting to grow in popularity. Some kitchens with high tech appliances such as programmable ovens, and stove tops which actually help in cooking are also in high demand.

Fireplaces can also add a touch of old fashioned warmth to the home but it can be found in unconventional places such as the breakfast area and even the master bathroom.


And speaking of the master bathrooms, although homes are built for entertainment, a master bath is often one’s personal retreat. Some master baths have been designed to be lavish with over-sized showers and whirlpool tubs. This is one place in the home which will be the homeowner’s private sanctuary.

Whether you want to keep in trend with lavish home features or keep things low key, rest assured that the Great Florida Homes Team will be able to arrange for you to have a home that matches your lifestyle.