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South Florida Summer: Keep it Cool

Summer in South Florida can be lots of fun, but sometimes the heat can be overbearing on our bodies and our electricity bills! August is just around the corner, South Florida’s hottest month of the year, so we are going to feel the heat more than ever in just a few short weeks. There are some stress free ways to keep your home cool, and not send those electricity bills through the roof.home

  • Keep the thermostat at 70-75 degrees when you are home and when you leave change it to about 80 degrees. If you turn off your AC unit completely you may think you are conserving energy and money, but it can cost more to cool the house back down if it overheats.
  • Invest in a new AC unit every 10 years. An old AC unit can be working hard and not cooling as well as it used to. A new unit may seem like a big investment, but it could shave up to 30% off your electricity bill and will save you money (and keep you cooler!) in the long run. If its not an old unit, it still may need a cleaning! Keep the filter clean. Dirty filters limit airflow and make the unit run longer and work harder. Clean or replace the filter every month or so during the summer.
  • Dark-colored curtains, roman shades, and even roller shades can be very effective in keeping your home cool. When you are not home or do not need the window shades open, keep them closed so your AC unit doesn’t have to work harder with the warm sunlight streaming in
  • Shade your air conditioner. Don’t locate central air conditioners in direct sunlight. Place window units on the north side of your house, which will remain more shaded throughout the day. The unit will use up to 10% less energy to operate this way.

The GreatFloridaHomes team hopes these tips help you enjoy the rest of your summer and stay cool South Florida!