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Coral Springs Flooding – Be Safe!

Coral Springs has had over a foot of rain over the past few days which has led to dangerous flooding, especially with the current drought situation upon us. We want to remind you that flooding is extremely dangerous and that precautions should be made. The City of Coral Springs is working very heard to remedy the situation and is pumping water out at its maximum capacity. The c-14 canal is currently very high due to the amount of rain in such a short amount of time which is making it difficult to move water out at a quicker pace.

Please drive carefully and avoid flooded areas for your safety. To report any road hazards, please call the Call Center at 954-344-1001. The water districts are working very hard to clear the flooded roads. Please be aware that Westchester, North Springs, and the Corporate Park are the worst affected areas. Please avoid them if you can.

Lastly, Waste Pro is working hard to collect carts, but some routes are inaccessible due to flooding. If they are unable to collect your cart, please store them away until the next scheduled pick up day. The city wants to thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Stay safe!

As hurricane forecasts are beginning to form, the federal government predicts an unusually active 2017 hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin, with five to nine hurricanes expected to form. Overall, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasts 11 to 17 named tropical storms will develop in the region which includes the Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. The season official begins June 1st and runs through November 30th.

It is worth the investment to install hurricane impact windows on your home as well as any other wind resistant installments that can save your home from extensive damage and in turn an extensive hit to your back account. These storms can reach wind speeds easily over 100 mph and as seen in the past, do some real damage to homes. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew which tore into South Florida on August 24th , 1992. We here at Great Florida homes encourage you to make the investment in making your home not only a safer place but also a more valuable property for future tenants, especially in such a hurricane prone area that we live in. Stay safe!