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At Great Florida Homes, we think that
it should be easier to find your dream home!


For more than 30 years, the Great Florida Homes team has worked hard to make things simple for you
to shop for a home, right from your couch. Our team work, makes your dreams work, so
Trust Your Family’s Move To Our Family’s Expertise!

We are a team of professional, well-connected, great negotiating, licensed Realtors at
Keller Williams Realty. Here to make your buying or selling experience hassle-free.
You are at the right place for residential real estate in Broward and Palm Beach Counties!

We have the most comprehensive and interactive marketplace of residential
real estate for you to search, in two counties. Combining powerful search tools, layers of data,
and an innovative user interface, we’re simplifying the housing search process
and helping you to make smarter decisions.

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