South Florida Spring Cleaning

The official first day of spring, March 20th, is just around the corner. For South Florida residents this doesn’t bring a big change in weather, but it can be a great time to get some spring cleaning done! Not sure where to begin? Here are 10 spring cleaning tips for your home.

  • Organize your Closet – Get rid of those clothes you haven’t worn in years!
  • Clean the Walls – Painted walls can get neglected over time. Taking a damp rag with a little bit of soap to the wall may be all you need to eliminate stains and dust.
  • Linens – Replace worn bed sheets, towels, and table linens.
  • Clean Carpets – Give your carpets a deep clean with rug shampoo, not just a quick vacuum.
  • Organize Book Shelves – Get rid of any junk that has accumulated on the shelves and even donate some books you have already read to free up some space.

Give everything in your home a deep cleaning to feel fresh and ready for the springtime! After you clean out your home, you may have bags of items that you want to get rid of. Before you throw them in the trash, think about participating in the Coral Springs Community Garage Sale on March 14th from 7:30 AM – 11:00 AM in Mullins Park. Check out more information on the event here: This popular event offers a great opportunity to buy or sell household and other items.Why not turn your trash into treasure?


Spring Cleaning!

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