Biggest Home Seller Mistakes That You Should Keep Away From

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes That You Should Keep Away From

Posted on January 25, 2014 by Great Florida Homes

There are several reasons why you would want to sell your house; it could be a new job assignment or a transfer of residence or many other reasons.  It is normal that every home seller wants to sell their house for the best price in the least amount of time. As a seller you have to understand that in order for you to achieve your desired outcome you have to understand how to eliminate as many obstacles as possible to reach your goal.

Here are the biggest home seller mistakes that you should avoid according to the recent survey of real estate agents by

One of the most common mistakes that sellers are committing is over pricing. This is not a good strategy because no one wants to buy an expensive property. Setting a price that reflects the market place is essential to selling. Your GreatFloridaHomes Team can help you with the assessment and provide you with other essential information such as market reports.

Second on the list is the showing availability. When your house is up for sale, as a home seller you should be ready for a house visit at all times. This is because; serious buyers may want to physically inspect a property on their own time schedule. If your house isn’t available because you only have showings on Saturday and Sunday, you will miss out on ready, willing and able buyers!

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

Cluttered space is the third biggest home seller mistake. By removing unwanted clutter gives potential buyers the chance to visualize their own things in the house. Although it is always nice to see trophies, ribbons and diplomas on display, for a buyer, this is only a distraction. Remember that when you put your house on the market, it is best to sell it right away and this can be done if you put your best foot forward.

Do not wait until your potential buyer tells you that your house stinks. Agents may not be blunt about this however; it is advisable to avoid unpleasant odors in the house like pet urine or cigarette smoke because this is another home seller mistake that you should not commit. This is a major turn off for anyone thinking about buying your home.

The survey also noted that home sellers, who are not willing to make repairs prior to listing, shrunk the list of potential buyers. Would you buy a house that requires more repairs because the seller declined to spend money to fix it?

As a home seller, you should be willing to negotiate with the buyer. It is very rare that both parties get what they want in a negotiation. During the negotiation, price is not the only matter that’s being discussed; other topics may include repairs, fixtures that might stay with the home, and more importantly, the dates. Your unwillingness to negotiate with buyers can turn away even the most serious buyers. Always look for the compromise, so both sides can win.

When you decide to list your house pick the best real estate agent. Take a look on what they do to market your house for sale and more importantly, pay attention to the experience.

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