Cameras Reduce Accidents in Coral Springs

Cameras Reduce Accidents in Coral Springs

Posted on September 3, 2013 by Great Florida Homes

703px-red-light-camera-springfield-ohioLast year, cameras were installed at University Drive and Riverside Drive (south), University Drive and Ramblewood Drive (north and south), University Drive and Shadow Wood Boulevard (north and south), University Drive and Royal Palm Boulevard (north), Sample Road and Riverside Drive (east), and State Road 7 and Wiles Road (south).

Because of these installations, violation captures have improved significantly. Bradley McKeone, traffic unit sergeant, “We are definitely improving. We are now catching violations that we earlier could not.”

With the performance of red light cameras at six intersections within the city as encouragement, the City of Coral Springs has now planned to install them at three more intersections. In the future, tag readers are also a possibility.

According to McKeone, the intersections being considered are Wiles Road and SR-7 (northbound), Sample Road and Northwest 62nd Avenue, and Sample Road and SR-7. Because of restrictions governing county roads currently in place, the city can only install cameras on state roads.

Thanks to the installed cameras, as many as 3,386 notice of violations (NOV) have been mailed from January 1 to June 30 this year, compared to 2,921 in 2012.

Aside from that, the installation of these red cameras resulted in a significant decrease in the number of serious accidents at intersections. In 2011, there were 11 accidents from September to April. The number fell to five in 2012. As of this year, there have been no such accidents.

The city also made adjustments to its traffic laws with those who run a red light being provided a 60-day leeway to pay their $158 fine or contest the ticket. If unable to settle within 60 days, a fine of $263 will be issued as a uniform traffic citation. A portion of the fine will go to the city.

Despite the $3,100 netter in 2012 from red lights cameras, officials say the program is not intended to be an income-producer for the city. In fact, Vice Mayor Tom Powers said, “The sole purpose of this is to reduce accidents at intersections. This does not change that philosophy whatsoever. This is about saving lives.”

With all these improvements to the city of Coral Springs, it’s now turning into one of the safest cities in the South Florida tri-county area. If you’re planning to relocate and find a home in Coral Springs, trust in the Great Florida Homes Team for all your real estate needs.