Cleaning Tips for South Florida’s Humidity

cleaning tips for a south FL home

Cleaning Tips for South Florida’s Humidity

Posted on February 17, 2023 by Great Florida Homes

Getting a new home in South Florida is exciting and can be a lot of fun. But, there might be a few cleaning challenges you aren’t familiar with if you’re coming from a drier or cooler climate.

South Florida has gorgeous weather, but you should be aware that it is one of the most (if not the most) humid areas in the US. Here are some quick cleaning tips to help you beat the humidity, and keep your home in great condition.

Wipe Down Solid Surfaces Regularly

Humidity can create a great opportunity for germs, bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms to grow on the flat surfaces of your home. Even if your counters and shelves don’t look dirty, they could be full of tiny organisms taking advantage of the natural moisture in the air to grow and thrive. If you lived elsewhere in the past, this is probably no different than your normal cleaning routine. You can use plain water and dish soap, or even a vinegar or lemon juice solution depending on what surface you’re cleaning.

Get New Floor Mats and Rugs for Your New Home!

If you’ve just moved to a new home, decorating is probably one of the more enjoyable parts of making your new house or condo feel like a home.

One tip for South Florida residents? Plan on getting more mats and rugs for the entrances and to put on the hard floors in your new home. Those mats and rugs will help keep moisture getting tracked into your new home and will make keeping everything clean a lot easier.

Treat Grout and Caulk with Vinegar Scrubs

Grout and caulk can both be breeding grounds for mold. Most of the time the molds aren’t dangerous, but they can discolor the grout or caulk, may produce an unpleasant smell, and some mold are more serious than others.

Get ahead of the mold problem by cleaning grout and caulk with white vinegar regularly. The acid in the vinegar helps kill mold spores and keeps grout and caulk fungi-free.

Stubborn stains or smells? Add more vinegar, a little lemon juice, or put vinegar-soaked paper towels or rags over the stubborn area for a few hours before cleaning. All of these options should help. But, when it comes to caulk, sometimes you’ll need to scrape the old caulk off and replace it.

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