Coral Springs Annual Community Garage Sale Set

Coral Springs Annual Community Garage Sale Set

Posted on November 6, 2013 by Great Florida Homes

Another popular event every year comes again in Coral Springs. It is the day where everyone has a great opportunity to sell or buy household items through the annual community garage sale which is set for November 9th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am (Saturday) at Mullins Park.

For those who are interested to get a certain space, just be ready with your $45 for the fee and an additional $30 should you wish to have additional space. This is a required deposit but subject to return provided the space used is clean after the event. Do take note that no refunds will be given to those who will cancel, and the spaces offered on a first come first serve basis.

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What item sells best?

The guys were likely to buy sports stuff, tools, computer stuff and office equipment. Teenagers will definitely look if you have old cellphones or some of its accessories on display. Ladies will scoop up those kids books and toys, crafty stuff, and most of all health and beauty products, it could be unused or slightly used.

Sofas and other pieces of furniture may also draw some crowd that will convert these into funds. Pregnancy-related items, wedding stuff, or new things for babies are big sellers too.

How to sell more?

Take note of the Shade and Shelter technique. Anyone who arrives in the community garage sale specially in the afternoon is likely to be hot, tired, and thirsty! And if there is a chance to get out of the hot sun for a few minutes, they will take advantage of it. If these people will stay inside your sales area, they will have to look into your items longer and if they like it these can become your customer.

Garage sales are very popular for profit or non profit. Aside from making others happy, we can also benefit from a cleaner and more organized room that will become after you have your garage sales treasurers, call the GreatFloridaHomes Team for a bigger home to place your treasurers in.