Coral Springs Gears Up for Entryway Construction

Coral Springs Gears Up for Entryway Construction

Posted on September 26, 2013 by Great Florida Homes


Coral Springs is getting ready to impress people even more as they make their way into the city!

As part of a massive effort to increase the city’s aesthetic appeal, Coral Springs officials approved a contract with a Fort Lauderdale-based firm for an entryway to be constructed at the east entrance of the city on Royal Palm Boulevard.

The construction which costs $643,900 is scheduled to be completed in 120 days.

This project will involve a meandering sidewalk which extends from the city’s east boundary line to Riverside Drive, a new large retaining wall with decorative columns, improved landscaping with irrigation, landscape lights and pedestrian lights, as well as new curbs and gutters.

Susan Hess, the director of community development for Coral Springs, says “We are good to go. We are hoping to start construction this fall.” The city has also received letters of approval from Broward County and Sunshine Water Control District.

City Mayor Vince Boccard says “We have been anxiously waiting for this.” He also adds it may have taken a little longer than expected. This is part of the beautification projects that we have going on in the city and people are starting to see the fruits of their labor.

The Royal Palm Boulevard is just the first of many city entryways which has been identified for improvement. The next projects which will be taken up are the Atlantic Boulevard, University Drive and Sample Road entryways.

This simple project will have a huge impact on the eastern side of the city and Commissioner Larry Vignola is positive Coral Springs residents will like it!

Again, this is just part of a bigger effort to increase Coral Springs’ aesthetic value. The city has plans for beautifying the downtown area and will also implement the second phase of its median master plan by improving medians along Sample Road.

Other future projects include a gateway in Linear Park, grants for residents and businesses tackling the white fly menace and improved litter removal. The massive efforts of maintaining clean sidewalks will also continue.

Clearly, Coral Springs is making a huge effort to become one of the most beautiful cities in the tri-county area. It only makes sense for other people to uproot and move here where they can raise their families in a pleasant neighborhood which has all the modern conveniences of highly urbanized areas. Trust your move in the expertise of the Great Florida Homes Team!