Enjoy a Taste of Florida Nightlife

Enjoy a Taste of Florida Nightlife

Posted on February 18, 2020 by Great Florida Homes

It’s no wonder that the weather, beaches, and incredible climate of South Florida get so much of the attention. After all, there are aren’t many places in the mainland USA that can call themselves a tropical wonderland.

The ecological wonders of South Florida, the weather, beaches, and beauty of the wetlands are matched by the thriving nightlife you’ll find here as well.

Florida Nightlife

Florida Cities

Just for starters, South Florida is home to some of the most well-known and exciting cities in the US. With Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa all contributing their own unique culture and flavor, there’s a little something for everyone here.

Whether you’re looking for the kind of partying and clubbing nightlife that keeps you young and active, or more sedate features like wine-tastings and cigar clubs, you’ll be able to find something to keep you out too late.

Best of all, if you buy in town, all the excitement is close to home!

Orlando Nightlife –

Downtown Orlando is one of the city’s hubs for nightlife entertainment. Between the many clubs, bars, and late-night restaurants, there’s almost always something to do. If you want to go to a different special event every night, you can!

Head over to the Beacham for a variety of concerts weekdays. Their music scene is lively and varied. Expect to be here for concerts a few times a year, or even a few times a month if you’re a true music lover!

But the real excitement at Beacham happens on the weekends. Once host to Elvis Presley, this concert venue becomes Downtown Orlando’s biggest nightclub Fridays and Saturdays. 7 bars and 2 separate dance floors are sure to keep you entertained all the way through close!

Of course, Beacham is only one of many nightclubs in the area, each catering to slightly different clientele, and with a different beat pounding through the speakers.

Miami Nightlife –

Miami’s Nightlife is as entertaining as it is varied. Don’t worry, they have plenty of coffee shops to get you moving again in the morning!

Lost Boy, a laid back bar that used to be a denim company, is the perfect place to go if you need a break from the high-fashion and high-effort scene. Its relaxed location is perfect for a night out with friends, but you may want to head over to Escotio Miami and it’s eclectic glassware if you’re looking for the perfect Instagram moment!

Or, want to see what the best in cocktails can really be? Head over to the Broken Shaker and see if they top your old hometown’s best!

Tampa Nightlife –

Tampa might not be the best-known city in Florida for its nightlife, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to keep you busy.

Head to Center Bar for the kind of fast-paced, alcohol-fueled partying you can find only in the best nightclubs and bars in the country. They’ll keep you well fueled, entertained, and moving.
Or, go to Center Ybor and tour more than a dozen restaurants, catch a late-night feature film, or just explore the beautiful historic city.

Fine wines more your flavor? You’ll want to make Cru Cellar a favorite then. Considered Tampa’s best wine bar, you can also order perfectly paired food (entrées, desserts, and small plates) for a delicious evening out.

Want to learn more, or look for real estate near these exciting venues? Great Florida Homes has you covered.