Good Questions To Ask When Buying a Home

Good Questions To Ask When Buying a Home

Posted on October 24, 2012 by Great Florida Homes

I had the privilege of completing a real estate transaction with Claudio & Robyn Petasne of Keller Williams (prior to us being with KW).                    

They were very enjoyable to work with.  What I especially liked was the email below that
I  received from them as we were wrapping up the transaction. Particularly item #3.

Of course, what a GREAT Question!  There are those little nuances about every home
that are not readily apparent.  For example, my front door tends to stick, so a little, “hip action”
push, opens it faster. My top oven is perfect in temperature but the bottom is off by 10 degrees.

Hi Joy
Some final details my buyer needs to prepare for closing
1) What is the alarm code? the security company said it will be much easier / cheaper to transfer service if they have the code rather than having to reset the entire system. 
2) instructions on using and maintaining the pool? Do they use a pool service? is there a manual for the pump or can she give instructions? 

3) do any of the appliances have “personalities” that need to be explained?

4) we are planning the walk through for Monday Morning
Thanks so much    Robyn and Claudio

I saved the email as a reminder, that this is the perfect question to ask a homeowner to make the new owners transition easier.


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