How To Choose The Best Offer For Your South Florida Home

How To Choose The Best Offer For Your South Florida Home

Posted on August 25, 2021 by Great Florida Homes

With fast-moving housing markets, like we have in South Florida, it’s common to get a lot of offers on your home. When it’s time to choose the best offer for your home, there’s a lot to consider. Just choosing the highest offer isn’t the best way to go.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the best offer for your home.

Best Offer on Home

Think About Your Selling Priorities

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to selling their home. Some are looking to get the most money out of the sale, while other people want to sell as quickly as possible. Knowing what you need to get out of selling your old home is critical to choosing the best offer.

Consult With Your Realtor

Realtors can help with every phase of selling your home, including choosing a good offer. If you tell your realtor what your priorities are they can help you choose an offer that balances those needs.

For instance, if you need to sell quickly, your realtor might be able to tell the difference between a low-but-fast offer and a speedy sale that’s still good value on your home.

Read The Small Print

A lot of offers to buy houses and condos come with terms and conditions that may change how the offer works. Buyers can add a lot of contingencies to their offer, like requiring certain repairs after a home inspection, that add to the cost of the sale.

Sometimes those contingencies are reasonable and in line with the offer. Other times contingencies can increase the cost of your sale so much that the offer doesn’t cover your extra costs.
If you’re not sure which contingencies are reasonable in an offer consult with your realtor. A good realtor may even be able to renegotiate the contract in your favor, making it one of the best offers for your home.

Stay As Professional As Possible

When it comes to buying and selling houses, townhouses, and condos, there can be a lot of emotions. After all, you might have made this place your home for years before selling. That can make it harder if you’re getting low offers or offers with a lot of expensive contingencies from the buyer.

If you want to choose the best offer for your home it’s important to stay objective and evaluate each offer as professionally as possible.

Know What Makes A Strong Offer

Your realtor can help you tell good offers from bad ones, but it’s easier if you know some of the criteria yourself. Choosing offers with mortgage pre-approval, and high down payment or an all-cash offer minimizes the possibility that the offer will fall through.

Talk with your realtor about what they’re looking for in a good offer and make note of any offers that meet those criteria.

Want Help Selling Your Home?

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