I SEE Thanksgiving!

I SEE Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 20, 2012 by Great Florida Homes

Not I Feel It, I Smell it….Just that I see it!                                                                               

Translation – I’m not there (Yet?!?!)

Last week after two back to back trips to Orlando – One to Walk on Fire At a Tony Robbins seminar (that was beyond exhilarating!)  Then three days later back there for the National Association of Realtors conference for 5 days. At the end of the conference I agreed to meet an old girlfriend at the mall for lunch before making the 3 hour trek back to Fort Lauderdale.

I walked into the mall and was confronted by (what looked like to me) a 150 foot BLUE and WHITE Christmas Tree!
I just stood there dumbfounded as I looked up at this monstrosity.

The first thing that went through my mind (and I am not kidding) was – What Day Is It? What Month is It?

The Foyer for Thanksgiving

How did I get so lost, that I could not remember what time of year it was?

I was happy, my business was enjoyably busy and I’m pretty sure the majority of my family was doing well.

Three hours later I am at pumping gas at a station and they are playing Christmas music.  Now I am MAD!

When did Christmas COME BEFORE Thanksgiving?!?!?!
I admit that I was completely out of touch with what time of year it was, but I prefer my holiday celebrations in order!

Once home, I saw all of the Thanksgiving decorations up, ready for the big Family Dinner. I opened the fridge and saw 5 pounds of green beans and side dishes on the breakfast table ready to be polished.

At that point I relented and said, whether I am ready or not, there will be a celebration (at least at home-I get them in order).

I guess I should go get my comfy slippers. It takes a long time to stand and snap 5 pounds of beans for the big dinner!

I do enjoy these family traditions, even when I am not ready. For more information, contact Great Florida Homes or phone 954 695 7653.