International Interior Designer Sets Up Shop in Coral Springs

International Interior Designer Sets Up Shop in Coral Springs

Posted on August 11, 2013 by Great Florida Homes

Facebook2PerlaLichi5095-250x300With nearly three decades of experience in the industry, interior designer Perla Lichi has become a world-renowned brand and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to luxury homes and palaces. Now, the globe-trotting designer has unveiled her U.S. headquarters in Coral Springs.

A true savant in art history, space planning and color, she is known for her signature “The Perla Lichi Look” which is made of sumptuous, richly detailed interiors. But she’s known not just for her genius. Her personality and gregarious nature has made her a favourite among clients which include doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and well-known figures in the world of sports and entertainment, and royalty.

With her projects including a wide range of hotels, retail boutiques and condo lobbies, South Florida residents and future clients will be able to experience the signature Perla Lichi luxury in their home. The Perla Lichi Design showroom will provide a hands-on experience for South Florida clients. According to Lichi, “People are very visual. Now they can come in and see the furniture in person, touch the fabric.”


As testaments to her career, pieces of luxury projects made in Hollywood, Boca Raton and outside South Florida adorn the showroom’s walls. But don’t be intimidated. While it’s true she specializes in high-end projects, she also tackles smaller and more limited budget projects. This is especially true during the recent recession when clients of different income levels have become more conservative when it comes to spending.

She took it upon herself to take it as a challenge. “The challenge was how do you make something beautiful with less money?” Lichi said. “You just have to be creative. You can still have a beautiful room.” This is a testament to her mission to help everyone love where they live.

This is also a great investment opportunity. The premise of the investment goes beyond having beautiful rooms. “People are aware values of houses are going up, so they want to invest,” Lichi said. “The interior design is only going to be an asset.”

This year, South Florida will probably have more than 123,000 larger ventures or “pro-worthy” projects which will include a professional. Such projects can range from flooring replacement to upscale kitchen remodels.


The Perla Lichi showroom is located at 7381 W. Sample Road, Coral Springs, FL and features tables, sofas, carpets, lamps, and other accessories.

With all the dirt being moved around, the hot real estate market, new businesses being put up and more now are a great time to be a South Florida homeowner. To invest in a home that you could customize with “The Perla Lichi Look”, get in touch with the Great Florida Homes Team!