It’s Great to Live in Florida!

It’s Great to Live in Florida!

Posted on March 29, 2013 by Great Florida Homes


The title says it all!

Even when you look at Florida’s state flag, the sun serves as a testament to the state’s sunny disposition. As a matter of fact, Money Magazine even mentioned three of Florida’s cities (Coral Springs, Riverview and Weston) which made it to their list of top 100 places to live in 2012. Although every now and then, there are those who might complain about the heat, Florida still has a lot to offer its residents and sightseers.

First of all, living in Florida makes you boredom-proof. With an assortment of big and small cities, you would never run out of things to do. There is a place for everyone.

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will definitely love fishing in towns such as Cedar Key and Fort Myers. Retirees who want to settle down and live out and enjoy their lives would find places like Naples and Sarasota conducive to their lifestyle.

Couples with children about to go to college would surely benefit from living in a state which emphasizes quality learning with reputable universities like the University of Central Florida, University of Florida in Gainesville and Tallahassee’s Florida State University. And of course, there are the theme parks and attractions which are fun for people of all ages.

Also, do you have to shop for bulky and unattractive winter clothes? Well, in Florida, winters are relatively mild so not only do you save money on clothes but you also conserve heat at home. And speaking of the weather, everyone knows that Florida weather is amazing. It’s just right to give you that year-round tan and you don’t have to dress all prissy since tank tops, shorts and flip flops are the norm here. Plus, you’re never more than an hour away from the beach! My experience is that 9 months out of the year are incredible and you would not want to be anywhere else! Pretty sure that most of us would take 9 months of greatness over 3 months of hot and sticky – ANYDAY!

So all in all, Florida is pretty much everything you would need if you’re looking for that sun-kissed, laid-back lifestyle. Once you come here, you’d have paradise in your own backyard.

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