It’s Not Too Late for Hurricane Prep, South Florida Residents!

It’s Not Too Late for Hurricane Prep, South Florida Residents!

Posted on October 5, 2022 by Great Florida Homes

We’re in the midst of hurricane season in Florida, but if you are not yet prepared, it’s not too late! Hurricane season doesn’t end until the end of November, and in the past there has been activity towards the end of the season, so now is still a good time to get ready.

Let’s talk about what you can do to make sure your home and household are ready before the next storm hits.

Have Your Essentials Ready

hurricane preparednessEssentials like clean changes of clothes, medication, comfort items, and anything you need to be comfortable without electricity for a few days should be prepped before the hurricane hits.

This includes getting coolers of ice, or packing ice into an insulated freezer, planning for 3-5 days without being able to do laundry, and having some things to do during that time stored in waterproof bags and waterproof containers.

Prep Water, And Then Prep More Water

Everyone in your home, including pets, needs at least 1 gallon of water per day. So you should have 1-2 gallons of water prepped per person, and enough for a 3-5 day supply.

Water cleansing tabs and other non-electrical filtration tools are a good backup for bottled filtered water, but realistically you want as much pre-prepped water as possible. Water should also be stored in waterproof containers to help avoid contamination with storm or flood water.

Battery-Powered Radios Are Your Best Friend

Battery-powered radios are your best source of information if the power goes out, especially about local shelters, rescue and aid operations in your area, and sources of fresh food, water, and gasoline in case local utilities aren’t available for an extended time.

Radio is also how emergency messages will be broadcast in case the situation gets worse, or evacuation orders are updated or changed during the hurricane.

Know If There Are Generator-Powered Buildings Nearby

Knowing where you can go to get electricity in an emergency is important. Sometimes local hospitals will run on backup generators for people who need medical care or shelter during a storm. Other times local red cross shelters and aid stations will be set up to give people some access to power for their devices.

It’s also a good idea to have fully charged spare batteries for any mobile devices you might rely on during and after the storm.

If You Might Need To Leave, Pack A Go Bag And Prep Your Home

Sometimes staying in your home isn’t a good option during a hurricane. The severity of the storm might force you out, or you might need electrical medical equipment and can’t rely on local resources to provide what you need.

There’s no shame in having to bug out and planning for it ahead of time.

Ideally, you’ll want to get out before the storm hits to avoid some of the traffic and hotel bookings ahead of the storm.

Pack for 3-5 days away from home, including all the clothing, medications, and medical equipment you might need while you’re away. If you’re bringing pets, make sure to have a week of their necessities with you as well, especially if they need anything you won’t be able to buy at a typical general or grocery store where you’re going.

Want To Buy a South Florida Home?

Everywhere has its natural disasters, and it’s possible to deal with hurricanes safely and even easily when you know what you’re doing.

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