Moving Services For Seniors in South Florida

Moving Services For Seniors in South Florida

Posted on July 27, 2021 by Great Florida Homes

As a senior, you may face unique challenges in the moving process. Moving can be demanding and exhausting, both physically and mentally. This process can be particularly difficult for seniors, who are often downsizing, retiring in a new state, or traveling across the country to be with family.

Moving services that are designed especially for seniors’ needs can make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Given the high number of seniors who move to Florida in any given year, these specialized moving companies have plenty of experience in completing moves for seniors.

Seniors Moving

How Is Senior Moving Services Different From Regular Moving Companies?

Many seniors wonder why they should choose senior moving services over regular moving services. While regular moving companies can successfully load a truck with the contents of your current home and deliver it to your new abode, they can’t provide the specialized services of a senior moving company.

Senior moving services take into account the emotional difficulties associated with moving for many seniors. They also consider the physical challenges of moving as a senior and ensure that the process can be carried out despite limitations. This spares seniors the stress of moving so that they can focus on settling into their new homes.

Examples of services provided by senior moving companies include:

● Caring and compassionate customer service to help seniors through the often emotional task of moving.
● Safety considerations to prevent trips slips, falls, and other accidents.
● Assistance in selling or donating items that seniors won’t be moving with.
● Securing storage for items that seniors want to keep, but not move into their new homes.
● Protection and organization of belongings throughout the move, including valuables and family heirlooms.
● Post-move services to ensure that seniors get settled and comfortable in their new homes.

Many seniors haven’t moved from their homes in decades, which makes it especially difficult to complete the moving process. Senior moving companies in South Florida understand how to help older adults from packing and decluttering to unpacking and organizing the new home.

South Florida Senior Moving Companies

There are several different senior moving companies in South Florida, giving seniors and their loved ones several options of assistance. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some options to consider:

A Time To Move
Cousins USA
Seniors of South Florida
First Class Moving Systems, Inc.
Caring Transitions

If you’re relocating or downsizing as a senior in South Florida, the first step is to find the home that suits your needs. The experienced team at Great Florida Homes provides real estate services to find and secure your next home. Contact us today to learn more.