Posted on June 11, 2013 by Great Florida Homes
Lock Your Doors
Lock Your Doors


When do you think most burglaries occur? Rarely when you are home, but in fact 62.4% of burglaries happen between the hours of 9 am – 6 pm.

The most likely explanation is kids are at school and spouses or parents are at work. That part hurts the most, because you are at work making an honest living and while someone is breaking into your place working at not making an honest living.

Below are a few tips that might assist you in keeping the DISHONEST on the Outside of YOUR HOME!

* Install a deadbolt on your doors. The MEDCO type are not easily duplicated. Installing the lock upside down, adds another level of deterrent.

* Keep bushes and hedges below window height and do not allow any of them to block the view of your front door. Better yet, plant bushes WITH THORNS in front of these windows.

* Where you cannot plant distracting shrubs, you can install a good size medium dowel or PVC pipe in the sliding glass door or window track.

* Hide valuables out of site (this is particularly true for your car and under the seat or in the trunk – especially if someone saw you put it there, is not effective)

* With the convenience of smart phones or video cameras with voice recordings, record pictures and serial numbers of EVERYTHING!

* Install an alarm system. Statistics state that without one, you are three times more likely to be burglarized than someone who has the system.

* Optional, but we are seeing more and more homes that have Video Surveillance cameras

* Even if you do not have a dog – Post BEWARE OF DOG Signs. Typically they just are not going to hang around to find out if this is true.

* Leave the TV on a talk station like CNN. It is voices in the house.

When buying a home, check the crime statistics for the neighborhood. Grant it these figures can go up and down as law enforcement is proactive.

 After all of your efforts you still have to lock the door, turn on the alarm and leave the TV on. Having it all available is not as effective as using it.

Be Smart and Be Safe!