Organizing Your Home for School

Organizing Your Home for School

Posted on August 21, 2013 by Great Florida Homes

If you have a school age child in your home, back-to-school season understandably brings in an air of promises not just for the child but for the parents as well: this school year would be better than the last; I will be more active for my child’s PTA this school year; I will spend more time with my children after school.

But have you thought about being more organized?

A strategic rearrangement and reorganization of your home could spell the different between starting the day frazzled and chaotic or breezing through one’s morning rituals. Here are some home organization tips to avoid the stressed hustling out of the door and have that skip in your step the moment you walk out!


Keep a drop off point in your entryway but keep it organized. Instead of tossing everything on top of a desk as soon as you walk in, make the most of the space with a sleek hanging organizer. That way, pockets are designated for incoming letters, keys and other items. This saves you plenty of time and you avoid having to wonder “Where did I put that?”


Use a bulletin board and hang it in your kitchen. Most families don’t realize this but the kitchen tends to become the living room. It’s where most members gather at once, where everyone starts their day and it’s where Science projects are mostly made. A common mistake parents make is write every upcoming event on the calendar until their handwriting is indecipherable or write notes and stick it to the refrigerator only to forget about them. Display upcoming events such as meetings, Science fair and other daily reminders on a bulletin board in your kitchen.


Minimize mealtime mess. Normally, after breakfast, you drop your kids off at school. You come back home to a kitchen with crumbs on the counter. Save valuable time on cleaning. Use a roll of drawing paper as a countertop place mat. Simply ball up the paper after they’re finished.


Teach your kids how to keep track of time without a clock. Instead of reminding them they only have 15 minutes left to do this and do that, create a morning playlist for them. If your goal is to be on your way to school within an hour, create a playlist that’s around 60 minutes long. Soon, your kids would be aware that their bags should be packed by the time the Katy Perry song comes on or they should making their way out the door before Taylor Swift starts singing.


Make room for your child’s closet. Unfortunately, kids (especially daughters) feel like they’re dressing up for the Oscars and getting dressed can create a lot of drama. To save time, every Sunday night, have them choose which outfits they’d wear for the entire week and hang them on hangers and keep them in that separate space which you assigned for them.

Going back to school should be fun and exciting both for the parents and the kids. Try these tips out now to organize your home and see how smoothly each weekday would go by.

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