Our Tips For Summer House Hunting

Our Tips For Summer House Hunting

Posted on August 13, 2020 by Great Florida Homes

While spring is usually considered the most hectic month for home buying here in South Florida, summer isn’t off-limits. As slower months in real estate, you can often get a fantastic deal when you hunt for a house or condo during the summer months.

To find your dream home in the summer, there are a few key points that you should consider. We’ve gathered up our best tips for summer house hunting so that you can score a property that ticks every box.

South Florida Summer House Hunting

Skip the Competitive Periods

By shopping for a house, apartment, or townhouse in the dead of summer (late July and early August), you can avoid the competition of other bidders. When you’re one of the only people searching for a home, you can make a bid with greater confidence in knowing that the home is unlikely to be swiped by someone else.

Get Settled in Before The Holidays

House hunting in the summer can ensure that you get fully settled into your new home before the holidays hit. You’ll have time to complete any renovations, move in, and get used to your new living quarters before the end-of-year festivities roll around. This timeframe is optimal for many home shoppers.

The Hunt May Take Longer

As you dive into the summer house hunting process, remember that it may take longer than it would earlier in the year. With less inventory, it may take your realtor more time to find properties that are a good fit for you. But, don’t let this hold you back from finding your dream home in the summer. New South Florida homes are constantly entering the market. With a little patience, you can successfully find your dream home in the summer.

Consider a Fixer-Upper

Since summer is considered the downtime for real estate, you may be slightly more limited in options than you would be in early spring. But, this may present the ideal opportunity to find a bargain home and complete renovations. Perhaps there’s a home available at a great price that needs some work, or home in your favorite neighborhood with an outdated kitchen. By purchasing an affordably-priced property and investing in renovations, you can customize your home while sticking to your budget.

Explore a Variety of Neighborhoods

Summertime is a beautiful season to explore several South Florida neighborhoods and find the perfect location for your family. Since families are often out and about during the summer, you can get a better sense of the neighborhood culture during these crucial months. Summer is also a prime time for community events and activities, which you can consider as you find the right place to settle down.

Our experienced real estate team can work with you during the summer to find a neighborhood that fits all of your needs, from the school district to the nightlife and everything in between. Contact us today to start your summer home search here in South Florida.