Planning the Perfect Backyard BBQ!

Planning the Perfect Backyard BBQ!

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Great Florida Homes

It is the entertainment where you can enjoy family and friends and a good old fashion barbecue.

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*Timing Your Event* – In Florida, with rainy season and hurricane season, you probably won’t be able to plan a month ahead, but certainly check the upcoming weather to save you from just a hope and a prayer that things will be nice.


*Seating for Many* – Plan on more seating than you think you will need, as barbecues tend to attract extra guests. If you don’t have enough chairs for your guest list, add “Bring Your Own Chair” to the invite!


*Planning the Menu* – Keep the menu simple and focus on your main attraction: the food and company! Choose appetizers, side dishes and desserts that can be prepared in advance so you don’t spend all day in the kitchen while your guests are enjoying themselves outside.


*Decorating Your Space* – Give your backyard get-together some festive summer flair! Use cut flowers from your garden as centerpieces, break out the checked tablecloths and be sure to add extra outdoor lighting, to light up the night.


*Entertaining Your Guests *– Challenge your guests to a game of bocce, croquet or horseshoe. Whatever the entertainment, remember, it’s the people that make a party fun!


*Keeping the Bugs Away *– Place citronella candles on tables and stake out your entertaining space with citronella torches to keep mosquitoes away. Keep food covered or promptly remove it from the visiting area to avoid attracting flies and bees.


The PERFECT Party is more about inviting the people you enjoy spending time with, so don’t fuss over the little things that may go wrong. Enjoy the fact you can celebrate life and living together with people you care about. Those are the ones who really do not care if the silverware matches.

Enjoy your summer fun celebrations!

When your celebrating space gets to small, remember to call the GreatFloridaHomes Team for more space!