Remodeling Ideas to Instantly Boost Your Home’s Value

Remodeling Ideas to Instantly Boost Your Home’s Value

Posted on March 14, 2020 by Great Florida Homes

If you’re thinking of selling your south Florida home or renting it out, you might be a bit dissatisfied when its estimated value isn’t as high as you hoped. But you can remodel many aspects of your home to boost its value instantly. Let’s go over the top 5 ways now.

Remodeled Home

Remodel the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house and arguably the most critical (behind bedrooms, of course). Updating your kitchen can pay dividends, as it makes it more efficient for the future owners and more attractive for those who’ll be spending lots of time among pots and pans.

At the same time, don’t go overboard when remodeling your kitchen. It’s easy to make that room look fancier or more high-tech than the rest of the house, which can exacerbate any flaws or make older rooms seem all the more unattractive.

Add a Bathroom

This in-depth remodeling idea also has a lot of value. It’s a particularly good idea if your home only has a single bathroom right now. Try to find any underutilized space or extra rooms that probably won’t be used by the next owner. Even closets or spaces under the stairs can be used for an extra bathroom if you’re smart about it.

Make a Room Versatile

The people coming to purchase your south Florida home next will likely have different interests. To that end, remodeling one of your rooms to become less specialized is a great idea. Turn your spare bedroom into a general space that can be customized by future owners. Living areas have lots of appeal to potential buyers because they can project their desires and future room ideas onto the space. In a way, they increase the value of your home for you!

Make it Energy Efficient

Adding something like energy-efficient windows your home can add a little bit of value in multiple places. Not only do you get a green energy tax credit for 10% of the upgrade, but it also appeals to environmentally conscious buyers. You may even get additional tax credits depending on your utility company.

Add a Deck

Finally, consider adding a deck to increase the value of your home. Especially in sunny South Florida, outdoor living spaces are desirable for many, particularly those for purchasing a vacation home. Make it easy for future buyers to imagine themselves reclining in comfort by adding the space to do so before they finalize the purchase.

Adding It All Up

Ultimately, strategically remodeling your home can boost its value and increase your eventual payout. It’s always a smart idea to bolster your home’s chances of being picked up for its maximum value, especially in the current competitive housing market. Check out to find more suggestions for the south Florida real estate market.