Simple Reasons to Own a Home

Simple Reasons to Own a Home

Posted on July 11, 2013 by Great Florida Homes

With home ownership at an 18-year low, a lot of people seem to be placing home ownership at the bottom of their priority list. Everyone seems to be forgetting that a home is one of the best and biggest investments they can make! Truth be told, even the worst housing slump won’t negate the long-term benefits of home ownership.

According to Keith Gumbinger of, “When you own a home, you are slowly but surely building strength in an asset that you can utilize to your great benefit at some point… It’s a long term forced savings plan.”


Here are some of the top advantages to OWNING your house:

  1. There are several cuts if you own your own home. Just imagine your savings thanks to these tax deductions!
  2. It can potentially be more affordable than renting an apartment. A fixed-rate mortgage ensures that your monthly payment will stay consistent throughout the lifetime of the loan.
  3. Your credit rating can improve. As long as you are making timely payments, being a home owner looks great on your credit.
  4. You have something to call your own. You have no landlords, no guidelines to abide… because this property is yours and you can do whatever you want to it as you see fit! Best of all, the little things you do like painting the house, landscaping and even attaching a garage, will collectively cause your property values to rise!
  5. You have something to pass on to your kids. As long as it is well-maintained and loved by everyone, you can be assured that your home will stay in the family for generations to come.


So don’t delay in becoming a home owner! Contact the Great Florida Homes Team now to find out about your options!