The Big Move: Tips for Packing, Unpacking, and Settling Down

The Big Move: Tips for Packing, Unpacking, and Settling Down

Posted on October 31, 2019 by Great Florida Homes

If you’ve settled on a South Florida home and are gearing up for the big move, there’s undoubtedly a lot on your mind. Moving is both exciting and stressful – the time spent packing and unpacking.

A Couple Moving to South Florida

As realtors, we understand that moving can be daunting for anyone, from first-time homeowners to frequent home hoppers. Packing and unpacking are time-consuming chores, but completing them in a smart, efficient manner will help you settle in with speed. So, we’ve gathered up our best moving tips to smooth out the process and get you settled ASAP.


● Gather boxes and packing materials ahead of time.

When it comes to moving, it quickly starts to feel like there’s not enough time. So, plan ahead and get your packing materials ready to go as soon as possible. Make sure that all of your boxes are appropriately sized and that you have enough padding material (paper, bubble wrap, etc.) to protect your breakable items.

● Label, label, label.

When you go to unpack a mountain of boxes in your new home, you’ll realize how crucial labeling is. Write detailed labels on every single box. Don’t simply write the corresponding room for the items, but also any particularly important items that are in the box. For example, if you have five boxes for the kitchen, don’t just label all of them “Kitchen”. Specify which one holds the pots and pans, which one holds the dishes, etc. This will save you from aimlessly checking and moving boxes.

● Identify items that are the most susceptible to damage.

One major anxiety that goes along with moving is potential damage to your belongings. To prevent this risk, set aside your breakable items ahead of time. Ensure that they’re thoroughly padded before going into a box, and put the heavier items at the bottom of the box. Label the boxes with fragile items in clear, large lettering. Then, if you’re enlisting the help of professional movers, notify them which boxes contain your breakables.


● Before you even start unpacking, give your new home a good cleaning.

Wipe down all of the surfaces and clean the floors before putting furniture and belongings in position. If it’s an option for you, consider hiring a cleaning service to complete the cleaning for you – some cleaning companies even have moving specials to give you a deal on full-home cleanings.

● Start by unpacking what you really need.

Those picture frames and knick-knacks can stay in their boxes until you have the necessities put in place. Getting bathroom necessities in place, including toilet paper, hand soap, and towels is a must. Also prioritize the bed, because you’ll certainly need a great night’s sleep after a day of moving. From there, move to the kitchen and get the key appliances set up.

● Clean up responsibly.

When all of your items are out of their boxes, you’ll be left with a slew of empty boxes and other packing materials. It can be tempting to just toss these out by the trash can, but make the extra effort to properly recycle packing materials when possible. Dispose of plastic bags and styrofoam responsibly. Consider saving any cardboard boxes for future moves – these boxes come in handy more often than you may think.

Moving is anxiety-inducing for the best of us. But, when you simplify the packing and unpacking process, you can settle into your beloved new South Florida home with ease. To know more, visit: