The Perfect Garden Plants for South Florida Homes

The Perfect Garden Plants for South Florida Homes

Posted on March 11, 2021 by Great Florida Homes

Buying or selling a property in South Florida? One way to improve the appearance and boost the home value for a South Florida property is with landscaping. The unique weather in Florida means that some plants grow better than others. We are going to give an overview of gardening trends for South Florida real estate and what garden plants are best.

Home Garden Plants

Why Is It Hard to Grow Plants in Florida?

There are some challenges facing gardeners and landscapers in Florida. The heat is the first one. Along with the heat also comes frequent tropical storms and hurricanes. Garden plants that flourish in South Florida must be resilient to heat and storms.

●Intense sunlight
●High temperatures
●Heavy rainfall
●High humidity

Current Florida Garden Trends

Keep your garden modern and trendy by incorporating some of these fun Florida gardening trends.


One of the few plants that can flourish in extreme heat is succulents. They come in a variety of colors and can be used in place of flowers in a garden. Succulents are popular because of their versatility, beauty, and resilience. It is hard to kill a succulent and they do not need as much tending as other plants.


When it comes to steamy Florida weather, flowers can wilt and petals can be blown away in a blink of an eye. Monochrome green gardens are very popular this year. Big, leafy plants, grasses, and shrubs are taking over Florida gardens in place of flowers. All-green gardens have a very soothing look.

Native Plants

You can celebrate the land of Florida by going all native with the garden. There are many plants that grow native to South Florida and have evolved to withstand the harsh weather conditions. Wildflowers, Cyprus trees, and wild sage are a few examples of native plants to add to the garden.

Practical Gardening for South Florida

Gardens are not just aesthetically pleasing, there are also practical benefits.

South Florida Shade Plants

One beautiful shade plant is the areca palm. It can be used as a privacy screen as it grows tall and dense. It is also called a butterfly palm. They can grow up to 20 feet tall.

●Indian Hawthorne
●Saw palmetto

South Florida Bug-Repellent Plants

There are flying bugs and mosquitos all over Florida. Bugs thrive in a warm, humid environment. Here are some plants that repel bugs and are good to have in the garden.

●Bay Laurel

Edible South Florida Plants

Fruit trees do great in South Florida. They provide shade, beautiful flowers sometimes, and delicious fruit straight from your yard. Adding an orchard to the property can increase the home value.

●Cantaloupe and watermelon
●Citrus trees
●Mango trees
●Papaya trees


Outdoor garden areas can add to the relaxing vibe of the South Florida home, condo, or apartment. Plants need to be resistant to drought and heavy rains when they grow in Florida. Professional landscaping can help your home look beautiful and even raise its market value. Keep checking our blog to get more home care tips and tricks for South Florida real estate.