Things To Know Before Buying a House In South Florida

Things To Know Before Buying a House In South Florida

Posted on July 8, 2021 by Great Florida Homes

Consider The Weather

While Florida weather mostly consists of warm, sunny days, the state also has an active hurricane season. Many Floridians are becoming aware of the necessary hurricane protection for their homes, but it’s important for all Florida homeowners to prepare for severe weather

Be sure you are keeping current hurricane protection requirements in mind before moving. Ask about hurricane shutters, updated entry and garage doors, impact-resistant windows, and so on. Obtaining shutters and windows may even get you a small discount on insurance.

Buying a House in South Florida

Insurance Challenges

Should you buy a townhouse or single-family home in South Florida, you may find that major insurance companies won’t underwrite a homeowner’s insurance policy for property in South Florida. Instead, you may need to turn to smaller insurance firms. But, you’ll likely need to ensure that your home meets specific requirements. If you’re looking at a South Florida home, ask the current owner about their policy, if they have one.

Pools Require Maintenance

Many people envision buying their South Florida dream home complete with a lagoon and hot tub in the back. This is a great picture for a vision board, and countless homeowners love having an at-home pool in Florida. However, it’s important to also consider the effort and expense that go into pool ownership.

Pools need to be kept well-maintained to avoid repair expenses. Professional pool maintenance services make this easy.

School Districts Are Divided By County

If you need a home that’s in a good school district, it’s important to know that schools are assigned by county. You should be able to check your county’s website to find out what school your children would be assigned to.

Your Property Taxes Will Be Your Own

In the state of Florida, when a new owner takes over a property, they do not pay the same amount in property taxes as the prior owner. After changing hands, the property will be reassessed and the new owner gets to pay the new tax value.

Your Commute Will Need Some Wiggle Room

If you’re planning to commute to work, make sure to set a realistic expectation as far as travel time. If the house or condo you’re looking at is 30 miles from work, the best time to practice the drive would be during the times you’d actually be on your way to or from work, not on a Sunday morning when most people are still at home.

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