Tips To Help Cool South Florida’s Summer Heat

Tips To Help Cool South Florida’s Summer Heat

Posted on August 11, 2022 by Great Florida Homes

Florida has beautiful weather, but there’s no denying that summer can get hot here. While cooling off with a trip to the beach might sound like fun, the truth is that we can’t all spend our days swimming in the ocean.

If your AC isn’t quite cutting it this summer, we’re here to help. Here are some tips to help you stay cool indoors during South Florida’s hottest months.

Summer Heat

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are simple tools for keeping your home cool and helping keep the air in your home moving.

If you don’t already have ceiling fans, consider installing them in bedrooms and central areas. That way you can enjoy the cooling effects of moving air in the most important areas of your home.

Just remember to make sure your ceiling fans are turning in the right direction. In Florida, you’ll want to pull hot air up and push cold air down for better cooling effects.

Check The Seals on Your Doors And Windows

Weatherproofing your home is important even in places with good weather. The problem is that when the weather outside is nice it’s harder to remember to check your home’s weatherproofing.

Just look at the seals around doors and windows for any signs of cracking, and feel around the edges for a draft. If there’s air movement, it’s time to re-do the seals or apply some caulking to keep the area air-tight.

Get An AC Inspection

AC is critical in South Florida since summers (and other seasons) are pretty hot. But, if your AC unit has clogged filters, needs a refrigerant refill, or just isn’t working the way it should, it won’t keep your house cool.

We recommend getting your AC unit inspected as you head into summer to make sure everything is in top working condition.

Try To Keep Your AC Unit Well Shaded

Keeping your AC unit shaded is one method of helping it work better. The shade keeps the unit itself cooler, which means it doesn’t have to work against its own heat to create cold air.

Shading your AC unit can be especially important (and effective) if you have an older unit or a unit that needs replacement soon.

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