Top 4 Things to Do on Your South Florida Vacation

Top 4 Things to Do on Your South Florida Vacation

Posted on June 7, 2019 by Great Florida Homes

It’s no surprise that just about everyone loves vacationing in Florida. Whether you come from way up in the northeast or just a state away, the sunny, beautiful, and eclectic atmosphere of Southern Florida is something everyone should experience on their Florida vacation.

While many people only think of beaches when they hear Florida, South Florida has much more to offer than beautiful beaches. From artistic & historical museums to preserved parks & nature, there’s something to do for everyone.

Keep reading to learn about some fun things you can do in Coral Spring, Ft. Lauderdale, and the surrounding area.

South Florida Vacation

1.Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital

Do you have an animal or science lover in the family (or maybe it’s you!) who wants to see some cool Florida native species? The Sawgrass Nature Center is an educational program that is available to the public for a small entry fee that teaches children & adults alike about various plants and animals in Florida. The location hosts various activities for all ages such as informational presentations, hands-on experimenting, and live-animal shows that are sure to bring out the animal lover in anyone.

2.Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

If you’re a fan of the 30’s and 40’s, you’ll love this historic museum that was home to artists Frederic & Evelyn Bartlett. You can walk through the preserved early 20th-century home & grounds to see classic architecture and natural fauna that has lived on the property for decades. The home’s beautiful garden is a common place to hold weddings, host events, and just visit for a look into the past. Whether you were alive when it was in use or born almost a century later, you’ll enjoy the Bonnet House.

3.Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District

For a little taste of everything South Florida has to offer, consider visiting the Riverwalk art & entertainment district. Consisting of a variety of theaters, museums, restaurants, and nightlife, the 22-block district along the New River has something for all ages & lifestyles. See a production at the Florida Grand Opera, visit the Ft Lauderdale History Center, or visit one of the many stores on Las Olas Boulevard.

4.Flamingo Gardens

It’s no secret Florida’s natural wildlife scene is truly incredible, and at the Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary you’ll be able take in the beauty of nature firsthand. The Flamingo Gardens are home to one of the most iconic Floridian animals – the flamingo. They are housed in the flamingo pond where children can feed them from a safe distance. There are also multiple other habitats including a free-flight aviary, bird of prey center, otter habitat, alligator lagoon, and more to make it an unforgettable experience surpassing any zoo you would consider.

5.Butterfly World

Everyone loves butterflies, but it can be hard to see them in the wild unless you’ve got a large garden or another way of attracting them. Thankfully, Butterfly World in Coconut Creek hosts an expansive collection of breeds with unique designs, colorful wings, and in various sizes. Along with your family you’ll be able to walk through the haven of a garden environment they’ve created which allows butterflies to live and breed to repopulate falling numbers nationwide. You’ll see free-flying butterflies, caterpillars forming cocoons, and the plants that make it all possible beautifully arranged along your path. The park will amaze visitors of all ages and create priceless memories for your family, making it a must-see on your South Florida vacation.

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