Top South Florida Home Design Themes

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Top South Florida Home Design Themes

Posted on November 7, 2023 by Great Florida Homes

Interior design can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. There are a lot of different trends in interior design at any given time, but knowing which trends are on top can make a big difference in your design decisions.

Whether you’re in the middle of a remodel or trying to figure out what design choices you want in your new South Florida home, this guide can help. We’ve identified three of the top design trends in South Florida to make it a little easier.

South Florida’s Top Interior Design Trends

These three trends are far from the only interior design options that work in South Florida homes, but they can help inspire your design choices, and tell you what kind of designs to expect when you’re shopping for South Florida homes.

Soft Neutrals

Soft neutrals are the classic interior design choice that never goes out of fashion. Think of your classic off-white walls, tans, pastels, and lighter brighter colors. Brighter colors like pale pinks and greens tend to be featured more in design accents and furniture, while paler colors form the bulk of wall, ceiling, and floor colors.

This design is probably the most common option in homes on sale, partially since it gives you a good canvas to customize your home.

This interior design works really well in open floor plans and helps make spaces look bigger. However, it can really make clutter stand out, and you should be ready to keep these spaces very clean to keep them looking their best.


Eco materials might not sound like a design style, but it is an interior design trend that is getting more and more popular. This kind of design focuses on reusable or sustainable natural materials, like bamboo, sheetrock, and other eco-conscious designs.

This design works beautifully with a lot of house plants, real or artificial, and can even help cut down on utility costs while giving your home an innovative and modern look.

Pair this design with storm-proof windows and doors, pops of earthy colors like rich browns and brilliant greens and blues, and you’ll have a winning combo.

Bold and Bright

It used to be standard to have lighter less attention-getting colors and patterns on your walls and floors, and leave brighter colors and more eye-catching designs to your decorations and furniture. But, this modern interior design movement counters that by saying color everywhere!

Bold and bright designs take advantage of the increased brilliance and color saturation of modern paints, the availability of brighter-colored furniture and upholstery, and contrasting colors to create a dynamic space.

This design style features black walls and floors, walls painted with bright patterns, rich purples, emerald greens, scarlet reds, and royal blues, along with focal walls in a different color. Furniture often matches, or provides a contrasting or lighter color, depending on the focal point of each room.

Good lighting and clean lines are critical for this design style, but it is a design option that really lets you express your creativity and unique design choices.

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