Posted on February 11, 2013 by Great Florida Homes

In its pursuit to continuously make the City of Coral Springs a well-developed and most conducive neighborhood for everyone, the Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee will be hosting the “UNITOWN 2013” this coming February 16 – 18, 2013 at Gold Coast Camp in Lake Worth, Florida.

UNITOWN 2013 is a Youth Leadership and Diversity weekend program that has been in the running for 17 years now and designed for high school students in Coral Springs or those who attend Coral Springs school. This year’s theme: “A place to learn how each of us is different and discover how each of us is alike”, aims to further enhance the diversity experience of its participants from Coral Springs and those that are invited from the City of Lauderhill as well.
Facilitated by trained adult advisors and highly qualified professionals, participants will get the most satisfying leadership training this weekend. UNITOWN 2013 will focus on eliminating bias and prejudices while developing appreciation towards cultural differences, improving leadership skills, and inculcating the significance of volunteering in school or in the community.

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are given utmost priority for this event in order for them to put into practice their learning in their communities and schools instantly. However, seniors are also welcome if there will be space available. A $50 deposit will be required to hold the student’s spot, but half of which will be returned after completion of the program. Graduates from this program will be given leadership opportunities in their schools and community such as joining the City’s Advisory Committees or get involved in community events and programs. For those who are interested to take part in this valuable training, feel free to get in touch with Lydia Cruz at 954- 344-1063 or send an email at lcutz@coralsprings.org.

The City of Coral Springs will be funding most of this event with the help of local sponsors. With the many activities lining up for the celebration of the 50 years of the City of Coral Springs, ample training ground is available to enhance their leadership skills. For more information, contact Great Florida Homes or phone 954 695 7653.