Unitown Celebrates 18 Years of Successful Youth Leadership and Diversity

Unitown Celebrates 18 Years of Successful Youth Leadership and Diversity

Posted on February 13, 2014 by Great Florida Homes

This year, UNITOWN, a program  designed for high school students who live in Coral Springs or who attend Coral Springs schools will celebrate its 18th anniversary.


High School students are encouraged to sign up for UNITOWN 2014,  facilitated by trained adult advisors and highly qualified professionals, this year the program will focus on eliminating prejudices and bias while developing appreciation and sensitivity towards cultural differences, and to enhance the diversity experience, students from the City of Lauderhill are also invited to participate.


Several other segments of the weekend training program focus on developing leadership skills and instill an interest in the importance of volunteering in school or the community at large.

Train and Lead Unitown 2014

Unitown 2014 will be held at the Gold Coast Camp in Lake Worth, Florida from Saturday, February 15 to Monday, February 17, 2014. Although, Seniors may be considered but freshmen, sophomores and juniors are the one’s given the priority for this kind of opportunity to put this valuable training into effect in their communities and schools.


The City of Coral Springs funds the expenses for the rest of the program, with the help of local sponsors. For those who are interested in joining you will be requested to shell out a $50 deposit to hold the student spot, half of which is refunded upon completion of the program. Details are available at the Coral Springs website.
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