What People Want When Buying a South Florida Home

What People Want When Buying a South Florida Home

Posted on September 26, 2019 by Great Florida Homes

The most pernicious enemy yet desired friend of anyone trying to sell a home is the buyer. Their personal preferences affect just how much you can sell your home for, and many buyers in the South Florida market share similarities in just what they are looking for. If you want to draw in potential customers and sell your home fast, make sure you have these six hot topic qualities that will ensure your former home sells like hotcakes.

Buying a South Florida Home

This might seem like an unusual quality, but something a lot of people want in South Florida is a locked mailbox. Florida is one of the top five states for identity and mail theft, and buyers know it. A traditional mailbox doesn’t always cut it, especially if there is no means of protection. To make your home more valuable consider getting it connected to a p.o. box or add a lock to the mailbox.

Besides a reliable mailbox, a lot of people are interested in a garage and storage space. You can’t really build a garage just to make your home more marketable, but if you’re looking to sell, clean up the clutter to demonstrate the size of closets, spare rooms, and other nonessential areas. This ensures that potential buyers will start to think of the possibilities for the area.

Another hot item is an outdoor space like a patio, deck, or even just a comfortable front porch. A lot of people move to South Florida for the weather – when the hurricanes don’t come by – and they want to be able to rest outside and enjoy it. If you have a designated area that you and your family currently use, spruce it up to make it look more desirable to potential buyers. This could mean repairing some damage, adding a new coat of finish, or just making sure there are decorations to draw the eye.

One final thing buyers in the South Florida housing market want is space. A major problem with the region is that it is highly desirable, especially among older folks seeking to find a new retirement community or place they can rest as they age. Space has become a marketable commodity, and eliminating clutter and keeping a yard mowed and fresh can give the illusion of extra space in even the smallest of homes.

Remember when trying to sell that it’s a buyer’s market, but don’t fret. Most homes in the region are sought after, and a buyer is bound to come soon. To know more information, visit: