What To Consider At An Open House

What To Consider At An Open House

Posted on August 12, 2021 by Great Florida Homes

If you’re shopping for a new home in South Florida, visiting open houses is undoubtedly a task on your to-do list. Open houses provide an opportunity for you to view homes on the market in detail. From an open house, you can gather valuable information about homes that you’re interested in and better understand what you need (and want!) in a home.

There are several factors to consider at open houses to ensure that you select the best property for you. These factors include:

Open House


Some wear and tear are normal in any home. But, when you’re at an open house, stay observant of clear signs of damage, such as:

● Water damage

Water stains, mold, and warped baseboards or floorboards are signs of a previous flood or leak. In these cases, the extent of the water damage may not be apparent on first look but could require comprehensive repairs in the future. For example, if the home has a leaky pipe, pricey plumbing repairs could eventually be needed.

● Leaky windows

If you notice condensation accumulating inside of the glass of the windows in the home, the windows are probably leaky. Leaky windows will need to be replaced to preserve the energy efficiency of the home.

● Sticky doors

If doors in the home are difficult to open and close, it’s a sign that there may be issues with the home’s foundations. Foundation problems can also cause large cracks in the ceiling.


A home may be gorgeous, but if it doesn’t offer any privacy from the neighbors, it probably won’t be a comfortable place to reside. At the open house, look out of all of the windows to ensure the home offers some form of privacy. A lack of privacy can quickly become frustrating after moving into a new home, so don’t skip on this important factor at the open house.


Open houses give you the opportunity to check out different neighborhoods. While you’re shopping for a home, the neighborhood in which the home is located will have a big impact on your day-to-day life. Take a look at the landscaping and the other homes in the neighborhood to see if there is a general sense of care. For example, if you need a quiet place to work from and you can hear the neighbor’s dog barking at the open house, it may not be the right fit.

Other Prospective Buyers

While you’re at the open house, pay attention to the other prospective buyers. This can give you a sense of how competitive the bidding process may be, as well as how promptly you should put in an offer if you’re interested. But, if there are few other buyers at the open house, the home is likely less competitive.

Having a skilled estate agent by your side will help keep you informed and engaged throughout the process of visiting open houses. Contact Great Florida Homes to learn more about our team of experienced South Florida real estate agents.