You Don’t Want To Miss These Incredible South Florida Winter Attractions

You Don’t Want To Miss These Incredible South Florida Winter Attractions

Posted on November 4, 2022 by Great Florida Homes

South Florida is one of those places that doesn’t really have a bad season. With beautiful weather year-round, there’s always something to do.

When you live somewhere it’s easy to get used to the advantages that come with living in that area. So, we’d like to encourage everyone, but especially South Florida residents, to take advantage of some of the incredible seasonal opportunities in this area.

South Florida Winter

What Makes South Florida Winters Wonderful?

Here are just some of the things that make South Florida Winters one of our favorite seasons.

Snorkeling With Migrating Manatees

Manatees move through the Three Sisters Spring Wildlife Refuge every winter. Going in and snorkeling with them is one of the most fun, and most unique, things you can do this winter. And next winter. And the winter after that.

Trust us, once you’ve tried this event once, you’ll want to do it again.

Seasonal Citrus

Did you know that Florida’s peak citrus season is actually over the winter?

This is a great time to hit the local restaurants, pick up marmalades and other citrus goods from your local farmer’s market, or even visit an orangery to see the fresh fruit for yourself.

Want a little more holiday flair for your citrus fruits? Consider making a Christmas orange (or your favorite Christmas fruit) or Christmas pomander by using fresh whole cloves to decorate a fruit. The fresh citrus and clove smell will be sure to bring the holiday spirit.

Surfing Santas

The Surfing Santas are a real sight to see at Cocoa Beach. Meeting on Christmas Eve, starting at 8 am, this family event puts a tropical spin on St. Nicholas. Maybe Santa needs a vacation right before his busiest night of the year, and who would blame him?

Hundreds of surfers show up every year, rocking Santa costumes and putting on a real show. A perfect way to kick off Christmas Eve in South Florida.

Craft Festivals Galore!

One of the best parts of living in South Florida are the many crafters and artisans that make this state their home. There are craft festivals all over the place through the winter months, and each of them is an opportunity to learn something new, come home with unique handcrafted merchandise, and celebrate everything that makes the state fantastic.

Ready To Move To South Florida?

Winter isn’t the only fantastic season in South Florida. Far from it!

The best way to experience South Florida life and culture is to see it firsthand, as a local with access to all the best events and opportunities available here.

If you’re ready to find your dream South Florida home, contact Great Florida Homes to schedule an appointment. Our real estate agents will be happy to work with you to find the best possible home in South Florida.

Don’t settle for a home that works or a home that’s good enough. You can trust our team to help you find a home you’ll love, and that will make it easy to enjoy everything Florida has to offer.