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Donations needed for Thanksgiving Baskets

Charitable Institutions as well as other organizations both public and private are beating the deadline in collecting donations needed for Thanksgiving Baskets for their Thanksgiving program this year. Since 1988, thousands of under-resourced families have enjoyed their holiday dinner on Thanksgiving day.

Although not all things are given, Thanksgiving Baskets contain goodies needed to come up with a Thanksgiving meal less the turkey. Highly recommended products for the evening meal include things like any box of instant mashed potatoes, a bag of stuffing mix, turkey gravy, preferably two cans, cranberry sauce, mushroom soup, green beans, fried onions, chicken broth, cans of sweet potatoes and corn.

For the dessert part of the Thanksgiving basket, items could be boxes of Jell-O, cans of fruit, evaporated milk, a box of pie crust mix, pie filling, one box of dessert mix and a roll of tin foil needed during food preparation. Additional non-obligatory items may also include tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Thanksgiving basket

The participating organizations would normally ask that the baskets only contain non-perishable food and no turkeys. Giving a $25.00 grocery gift card is also another suggestion but is not required. However, this will can be of great help too as recipient families can purchase other items they need like a turkey maybe for their meal.

Let us all help fill each Thanksgiving Baskets this year by sending your donations to The GreatFloridaHomes Team or you may call call 943-343-4423 and the tam  will pick up your donation, no matter how small! Or you can drop it off at your local City Hall. In Coral Springs it is 9551 W. Sample Road. Your help will go a long a way as you share the blessings you receive this year.

Not I Feel It, I Smell it….Just that I see it!                                                                                                                                                  

Translation – I’m not there (Yet?!?!)

Last week after two back to back trips to Orlando – One to Walk on Fire At a Tony Robbins seminar (that was beyond exhilarating!)  Then three days later back there for the National Association of Realtors conference for 5 days. At the end of the conference I agreed to meet an old girlfriend at the mall for lunch before making the 3 hour trek back to Fort Lauderdale.

I walked into the mall and was confronted by (what looked like to me) a 150 foot BLUE and WHITE Christmas Tree! 
I just stood there dumbfounded as I looked up at this monstrosity. 

The first thing that went through my mind (and I am not kidding) was – What Day Is It? What Month is It?

The Foyer for Thanksgiving

How did I get so lost, that I could not remember what time of year it was?

I was happy, my business was enjoyably busy and I’m pretty sure the majority of my family was doing well.

Three hours later I am at pumping gas at a station and they are playing Christmas music.  Now I am MAD!

When did Christmas COME BEFORE Thanksgiving?!?!?!
I admit that I was completely out of touch with what time of year it was, but I prefer my holiday celebrations in order!

Once home, I saw all of the Thanksgiving decorations up, ready for the big Family Dinner. I opened the fridge and saw 5 pounds of green beans and side dishes on the breakfast table ready to be polished.

At that point I relented and said, whether I am ready or not, there will be a celebration (at least at home-I get them in order).

I guess I should go get my comfy slippers. It takes a long time to stand and snap 5 pounds of beans for the big dinner!

I do enjoy these family traditions, even when I am not ready.            

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