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Finding a Home For You…and Your Furry Friend

Many families looking for a home have a dog. While dogs cannot tell you the features they would like in your new home there are ways that owners can scout the real estate that will be pet friendly. Dogs are part of the family and keeping in mind your pets’ needs when searching for a home is important.

The Home

Think about the features in your current living situation and what do you wish were different and what works. Remember carpeting can hold pet odors more than say tiling or wood floors, however some people still prefer the carpet because their pets are more comfortable. Do you have an older dog? Stairs might be a challenge for older dogs, so having a space for the dog that is on the first floor can be key. Is your dog used to having a big play area in your home?  Some larger dogs need more space than others. Where will their water and food bowls go? Picture your dog and their daily life in your new home to make the best decision for your dog family.

The Yard

Is the yard fenced in? If not, can a fence be put in place? Also look out for any potential hazards in the yard. You want the yard to be a safe place for you and your animal to relax and enjoy the Florida sunshine! If you don’t have a yard in the home you are looking at be sure to check around for local parks and dog friendly areas that will be easy for you to take your pet to.

The Neighborhood

It is recommended you take your dog for a walk through your potential new neighborhood during the times you would normally walk your dog. Is it safe for walking? So you run into other dog owners? Askign other dog owners in the neighborhood their pros and cons about having a dog in the area can be very insightful. Also think about the pet services in the area, is there a Vet? a food supply store? It it is best to know all your available options.


In Florida especially many homes are part of Homeowners Associations. Ask your realtor about the different pet restrictions the associations may have, so you know before viewing a home whether they will be accepting of your pets. Our Great Florida Homes team are big advocates for animals. Check out our team member Joy Carter and what she is doing for animal rights in the Coral Springs community here. Animals are a big part of your family and the community, be sure to consider their needs as well when planning your  big move!