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What To Do Before Applying for a Single Family Home Mortgage

Everyone has a checklist for our personal goals, whether it is written in a journal or just being kept as a secret in the back of your mind. Although time will always march on, you cannot deny the fact that you and your family want to enjoy the holidays and all the things that make life worth living in the place you call your own home. There is no better time to start looking for that “place to call home”, than the holidays.

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With the help of GreatFloridaHomes Team, finding and finally owning your first home is attainable. You just need to know how to get the best mortgage possible to secure your home. Below are a few things that you need to know before you apply for a single family home mortgage.

Single Family Home Mortgage

How much monthly payment can you afford?

Look at your budget and see how much additional expense is a viable option on top of your household expenses like groceries, gas, and medical insurance. By simply knowing how your money’s is spent, will help you determine where to start and pinpoint your search

Do you know your credit score?

This is one of the largest determining factors whether your application for a home mortgage will be approved by the bank or not. Start resolving any discrepancies on your credit rating and make sure to request your FREE credit report every year.

Know in advance how much is the average home value in the area where you want to buy your single family home 

Your credit score and your ability to pay the mortgage back to the lender will be large determining factors in how the loan officer and underwriter will use this data to analyze how much you can borrow from them. By doing some preliminary homework, you will have an idea as to how much you should ask to borrow when you submit your mortgage application, or worry not, because when you give them the facts about your income and debt, they lender will easily be able to tell you what you could qualify for. Often this figure is larger than you would be comfortable with in a payment. It is ultimately up to you, how much you wish to borrow in order to be comfortable paying the monies back to the bank, so that you in the end are the owner of the home you want to enjoy with your family.

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